Ranchi Violence: Heavy violence, firing, and arson in Ranchi, as well as a curfew in the Iqra Masjid area

Violence in Ranchi In Ranchi, violence erupted in response to a statement made by BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Ranchi’s main road area was turned into a battleground. Stones began to be thrown at the police officers all of a sudden. The out-of-control mob threw stones at nearby shops and a religious building, as well as the police. The police officers who had come forward to control the crowd had to flee as well. Many police officers have been seriously injured as a result of the stone pelting, including Daily Market station in-charge Awadhesh Thakur and Kotwali police station in-charge Shailesh Prasad. To apprehend the criminals, the cops opened fire. The situation has been brought under control for the time being. The Thanedars and DSPs of all Ranchi police stations have arrived on the scene. From the police lines, additional forces have been summoned. Efforts are currently being made to maintain control of the situation.

Heavy violence
Heavy violence

After Namaz, a crowd gathers near Iqra Masjid

According to reports, violence broke out in Ranchi in response to Nupur Sharma’s statement. The situation had completely out of hand. Several police officers were injured as a result of the continuous gunfire and stone pelting. The station in-charge of the Daily Market, Awadhesh Thakur, has been seriously injured. After Namaz, a crowd gathers near Ranchi’s Iqra Masjid. In this area, a curfew has been imposed.

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A police officer has been injured

VIDEO: The main bullet fired in Ranchi’s main road… a chaotic atmosphere

The firing continued for a long time in order to keep the criminals in check. A large number of officials, including Ranchi’s SDO City SP, are on the scene. During the commotion, police officers and criminals were shot. Stone pelting injured dozens of people. They’ve all been taken to the hospital. The majority of stone pelting incidents have been reported near Bajrangbali temple on the main road. An attack on the temple has also been reported.

Name of the police officer who was injured

Anshuman Kumar, the city’s police chief

Awadhesh Thakur, Dailymarket Station House Officer

Shailesh Prasad, Kotwali Inspector

The leg of a jawan has been shot. Approximately a dozen people have been hurt. According to the latest information, one of the criminals died as a result of a bullet wound. The death, however, has yet to be confirmed by the police.

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