Rakhi Sawant cries as ex-husband Ritesh accesses her social media accounts; she files a police report

Rakhi Sawant, who divorced her ex-husband Ritesh a couple of months ago, has been smiling with happiness ever since she met Adil Khan. However, the actress was seen crying uncontrollably outside the Oshiwara police station in Mumbai on June 11 after her ex-Ritesh allegedly hacked her social media accounts.

In an exclusive interview with ETimes TV, Rakhi and her boyfriend Adil criticized Ritesh for abusing and assaulting her.

Here is the complete interview:

Rakhi arrived at the police station with her boyfriend, sobbing uncontrollably as she recounted her story. Rakhi told the media that her ex-boyfriend Ritesh wants to destroy her life now that she is with Adil.
“I am at the police station because my ex-husband Ritesh is causing me significant distress. My Instagram, Facebook, and Gmail accounts have been compromised. He has added his phone number and name to each of my accounts.

When we were together, he managed my social media accounts, and I did not change the passwords after we broke up. I believed we had split ways peacefully and that he would not seek vengeance on me. But he is in retribution mode. He has stated unequivocally that he will ruin me. Today, we all earn money from our Instagram accounts, which he has compromised “She was generous.

Adil, Rakhi’s boyfriend, disclosed that they had been unable to access her social media accounts despite numerous tries. “We attempted to modify it by adding an authorized password, but he has put his own e-mail address to her Gmail. Therefore, we cannot log in. He will receive all passwords and one-time passwords. She also cannot access Google Pay or phone pay.

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Rakhi disclosed that Ritesh has ceased answering her calls and is posting insults on her social media pages “He never answers my phone calls nor responds to my text messages. I am urging that you do not bother me, but he only wants to retaliate against me because I am now with Adil. He is posting negative comments about Colors TV on my account. They will believe I wrote it.

He desires that I be blacklisted from the station and that my connection with Salman Khan Bhai be destroyed. He informs me that the last time you entered Bigg Boss, it was due of me; today I will observe your entry with Adil. He uses insulting language on Instagram.”

Rakhi Sawant cries as ex-husband Ritesh accesses her social media accounts
Rakhi Sawant cries as ex-husband Ritesh accesses her social media accounts

She added further that Ritesh is threatening to destroy her life and file 10 cases against her in Bihar court “He threatens to file ten cases against me in Bihar, causing me to spend my entire life in court (Rakhi cries inconsolably). Since I met Adil, he has been a source of annoyance for me.

He was already married when he married me, having cheated on me. I entered Bigg Boss and his complete life story was revealed. I forgiven him nonetheless and did not bring a lawsuit against him. I didn’t do anything. Today I am with Adil, which makes him envious. Because my wedding with him was in any way illegal, I never bothered to punish him.

But he only intends to annoy me. I’ve arrived to the police station because he will do anything to exact retribution. He hired the maid who worked in my home, and he frequently contacted her to inquire about me. The jewelry he gave me was likewise counterfeit, but I don’t care. I want him to simply leave me alone “She reached a conclusion.

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