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JAIPUR: Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot on Sunday made a scathing attack on the Sachin Pilot camp, reiterating his allegation that they had taken crores of rupees from the BJP during the rebellion. Gehlot`s attack came a day after former Deputy CM Pilot spoke on corruption and paper leaks, attacking the Chief Minister without taking his name. He, in fact, also advised MLAs to return the money to Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Addressing an inflation relief camp near Dholpur, Gehlot triggered political controversy by alleging the MLAs of the Pilot camp collected money from BJP to topple the government. “At that time Rs 10 to 20 crore were distributed to our MLAs. That money should be returned to Amit Shah.

“Amit Shah, Dharmendra Pradhan and Gajendra Singh Shekhawat all together conspired to topple our government. Money was distributed to the MLAs in Rajasthan. These people are not taking money back. I am worried, why are they not taking the money back?” he said.

“I even told our MLAs who took Rs 10-20 crore that if they have spent some of the amount, I will give that part. I will get it from AICC (party high command). You give the money back to Amit Shah,” he added.

“If you have taken Rs 10 crore, then give back Rs 10 crore, if you have taken Rs 15 crore, then give back Rs 15 crore to him. Don`t keep his money. If you keep his money, he will always keep pressure on you. He is also the Home Minister, he will threaten, intimidate like he does in Gujarat. Shiv Sena was divided into two pieces by intimidation in Maharashtra. Amit Shah plays a very dangerous game,” Gehlot claimed.

“I have told the MLAs, no problem, you made a mistake… forget and forgive. If you have spent Rs two crore, then tell me. I will get it by asking the Congress President. Give his money back so that you can work independently. I will give full support.”

“I have been made the Chief Minister for the third time. It is my duty to forget the old things and take everyone along. I have not kept any shortcomings in anyone`s work. I took everyone along. Take everyone along with you and make the party win. I have said that it is my resolve since childhood that I want to serve the people of the state till my last breath,” he asserted.

He saiid that if three MLAs – Rohit Bohra, Didwana`s Chetan Dudi and Sawai Madhopur`s Danish Abrar had not supported him on time, “then today I would not have been standing in front of you as the Chief Minister”.

Noting that the BJP toppled governments in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, he said: “The BJP is toppling the governments by buying and selling MLAs. If you get Rs 10 crore, Rs 20 crore, Rs 25 crore ,then many MLAs are sold. How 3 governments went. BJP killed democracy. These are dangerous people. Those who are sitting in power have no development faith in democracy, they are only wearing the mask of democracy.”

“There was a complete conspiracy to topple our government. Crores of rupees were spent. Apart from Bohra, Dudi and Danish, two more MLAs – Khiladi Lal Bairwa and Girraj Singh Malinga were also with us, then 102 MLAs assembled. I had to say that I will be your guardian. Don`t worry.

“We together will bring back the government, will make you win. Now it is up to every MLA to win. I have given what you asked. I gave what was asked from me through the budget, I had said that you will get tired of asking, I will not get tired of giving,” Gehlot added.

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