Rafael Nadal Has A Chance To Win The Australian Open

Runner-up in the 2013 French Open Rafael Nadal, according to David Ferrer, has a chance to win the Australian Open. Nadal, 35, retired from tennis in August to focus on his recovery from a foot injury. Nadal has missed the last two Grand Slams, but he is likely to play at Melbourne Park this year.

“Rafael Nadal has a chance to win the Australian Open,” Ferrer told Sky Sports. “At the moment, Djokovic is playing well and he is healthy,” Ferrer added.

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Nadal competed in the Mubadala World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Nadal made it plain that he is still playing because he wants to achieve more success, not because he wants to make more money or play for fun. “I still feel that I will be competitive enough to offer myself opportunities to compete for the things that I have been competing for the last 15 years; if not, it makes no sense to me,” Nadal said.
“I’m not playing for money or for enjoyment; I’m playing to keep reaching goals, or at the very least to enjoy the process of attempting to achieve them. It’s fine if you don’t succeed, but the motivation and enthusiasm are still there.”

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Nadal refused to declare that he will play the Australian Open after losing to Andy Murray and Denis Shapovalov and placing fourth in Abu Dhabi. After returning to Spain after Abu Dhabi, Nadal tested positive for COVID-19, jeopardising his preparation for the 2022 season.

“I’m experiencing a few bad days, but I’m hoping to get better over time. I am now limited to my home and have informed anyone who have come into contact with me about the outcome “After testing positive, Nadal said. The good news is that Nadal recovered fast and was able to return to the practise court.

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