Qantas flight issues mayday call due to engine failure, lands safely later | Aviation News

Emergency services responded to a mayday call made by a Qantas aeroplane on Wednesday while it was flying from New Zealand to Sydney. At 3:30 PM (430 GMT), Qantas Flight 144 was scheduled to touch down at Sydney Airport. Its engine reportedly failed, according to numerous sources. Two engines power Boeing 737 aeroplanes.

New South Wales Ambulance confirmed its paramedics were responding to the mayday alert.

FlightRadar indicated the flight is currently over the Pacific Ocean. A mayday call is issued when a flight is in grave and imminent danger and needs immediate assistance, according to Airservices Australia.

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The Guardian quotes a Qantas Airline representative saying, “experienced an issue with one of its engines about an hour from its destination.” He further added, “It is now due to land in Sydney around 3.30pm and, in line with standard procedure, will be met by emergency services.”

The Qantas representative also said, “While a mayday was initially issued, this has now been downgraded to a Pan (possible assistance needed). We will share more information about this incident once the aircraft is on the ground and has been assessed by our engineers.”

As per the report of The Guardian, the emergency crew were on standby at the airport when the plane landed. However, the details of the incident are not known yet and authorities are yet to give a statement on the same.

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