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Farhana actress Aishwarya Rajesh recently hogged headlines for her comments on Rashmika Mandanna’s ‘Srivalli’ in the blockbuster film Pushpa: The Rise. Reports suggest that the actress believed she would have done a better job with the role. While the remarks created a rage on the internet among fans, the actress has now issued a statement, clarifying that her comment was “misconstrued” and she didn’t mean what it is being said in media reports. Noting that her statement was tweaked in a way that it would look like she was “disparaging” Rashmika Mandanna’s work, Aishwarya added that she has “immense respect and profound admiration” for the actress.

Giving rest to all the chaos related to Aishwarya’s remarks, Rashmika Mandanna has now reacted to the statement, stating that she understands what Aishwarya meant and thus there is no reason for her to explain anything.

Rashmika while commenting on Aishwarya’s statement wrote, “Hi love.. just came across this.. the thing is – I perfectly understood what you meant and I wish there were no reasons for us to explain ourselves and as you know I only and only have love and respect for you.. and ones again all the bestest for your film Farhana love..”



What did Aishwarya Rajesh say about Rashmika Mandanna’s role in Pushpa?

During a media interaction, Aishwarya Rajesh, while speaking about the kind of roles she wishes to do, reportedly said that she was “better suited for the role of Srivalli.” Her remarks went viral immediately, grabbing a lot of attention from Rashmika Mandanna fans. However, the actress later issued a clarification stating that she has “nothing but profound admiration” for Rashmika’s work in the film.

“Talking about work, I was asked in a recent interview on the kind of roles I want to do in Telugu cinema. I replied that I like the Telugu film industry a lot and that I would certainly do Telugu films if I got roles that were to my liking. To cite an example, I said I liked the character of Srivalli in Pushpa a lot, as I felt such characters would suit me,” she added.

Aishwarya also urged people to not spread such rumours and stop speculating malicious motives to a simple statement.

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