‘PUSHPA’ Box Office Collection opening day: Beats ‘KGF’ Day 1 collections!

Allu Arjun-co-production Sukumar’s ‘Pushpa’ has reportedly performed well in the second leg of the day, earning a respectable Rs 3 crore at the box office. These are reportedly suitable numbers for a dubbed film. The film did well on a single screen and drew a larger crowd at multiplexes by the end of the first day.
The single screen, particularly in Maharashtra, reportedly performed exceptionally well and helped the film earn Rs 3 crore on its first day. The numbers have plenty of room to grow, as the film has already earned Rs 1.50 crore in Mumbai.
While the numbers from the north, such as Delhi and Punjab, are extremely low, some single screens have attracted some significant numbers.

Returning to his hometown, particularly to Nizam’s ‘Pushpa,’ has generated a record box-office collection of Rs 11.45 crore, which is said to be the highest for the region.

‘Pushpa,’ which had five shows in Telangana, reportedly benefited from the increased ticket prices in the state.

According to Hindi market analysts, ‘Pushpa’ will perform exceptionally well over the weekend, particularly tomorrow, Sunday. Additionally, the Hindi version of ‘Pushpa’ has surpassed the first day collection of ‘KGF,’ which reportedly grossed Rs 2.8 crore prior to the outbreak of Covid.

‘Pushpa’ reportedly grossed Rs 4 crore in Tamil Nadu, a phenomenal debut for a Telugu dubbed film there.

The film has already earned Rs 3.60 crore in Karnataka and the gross is estimated to be between Rs 6.5 and 7 crore.

While the figures for Malayalam and other regions have not yet been updated, ‘Pushpa’ has had a strong start, which the makers anticipated!

‘Pushpa’, a Telugu film that opened in a large number of theatres across the country, earned approximately Rs 45 crore in total on its opening day. Hindi Bazaar was not as good as Telugu Bazaar, as the film’s characters and content are raw and rustic.

The film also faced stiff competition at the box office from ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ and ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui,’ both of which have garnered positive buzz for their content. As a result, the Hindi dubbed version may perform significantly worse than the Telugu and other regional versions.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also reported to be underperforming, despite the fact that the Hollywood film ‘Spiderman – No Way Home’ is performing better in Bangalore and Chennai.

Additionally, due to a lack of publicity in the northern belt, the film was unable to draw a sufficient audience to the theatres. While the film’s domestic market is Andhra, it is a huge hit, earning up to Rs 6 crore from Nizam and Rs 45 crore from all its locations combined. On the second day, ‘Pushpa’ is expected to earn between Rs 22-25 crore. The film is expected to earn around Rs 100 crore in its opening weekend and around Rs 30 crore in other regional languages, according to the makers. theatrical competition.

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