Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh Offers 2 Lakh To Family Of 10-Year-Old School Dropout Vansh Singh Selling Socks In Ludhiana


Video Of Boy, 10, Selling Socks Catches Amarinder Singh's Attention

A class 2 dropout, Vansh resorted to selling socks on the streets to support his family.

New Delhi/ Ludhiana:

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh this morning said he has offered a financial help of Rs 2 lakh to the family of a 10-year-old school dropout after he saw a video of the boy selling socks at a traffic crossing in Ludhiana.

The widely-circulated video of 10-year-old Vansh Singh caught the attention of the Chief Minister, prompting him to speak to officials concerned to make sure the boy can continue his studies and rejoin his school.

A class 2 dropout, Vansh resorted to selling socks on the streets to support his family.

In a tweet, Captain Amarinder Singh wrote: “Spoke on phone to young Vansh Singh, aged 10, a Class II dropout who’s video I saw selling socks at traffic crossing in Ludhiana. Have asked the DC to ensure he rejoins his school. Also announced an immediate financial assistance of Rs 2 lakhs to his family. (sic)”

The video shows the boy selling socks at traffic crossings and refusing to accept money, which is more than the actual cost. It then shows a man in a car recording a conversation he had with the boy on the road about his schooling.

The second half of the clip captures a video call between the Chief Minister and Vansh.

During the call, Captain Amarinder Singh assures the boy that he will take care of his family and other expenses but advises him to focus on studies. “Don’t worry, I will ask the deputy commissioner to ensure your return to school and I will help your family,” Mr Singh tells Vansh in Punjabi.

Many Twitter users have praised the boy’s honesty and his will to protect his dignity by refusing to accept money. People also praised the Chief Minister for his intervention.

A Twitter user, named Prashant Dahibhate, said these acts of kindness make Amarinder Singh a “true CM”.

Yushi, another user, urged the Chief Minister to ensure a stable livelihood for the boy’s family.

Another uses, Aman S Uppal, said it was a good gesture on the Chief Minister’s part but his government should also ensure that no kid in Punjab ever has to drop out of school.


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