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I searched online car tyres Dubai to find the best tires shop, it discovered on RTA( Dubai road and transport authority) annual inspection that my BMW run-flat tyres need to be replaced as existing one expired more than 5 year old.

I found iTyrecare with 4.8 google rating when I typed tyres shop near me. Talking to customer service is an extraordinary experience. They guide me with up-to-date knowledge.

BMW specified tyres brands.

They quoted me the price of Pirelli Bridgestone and Goodyear brands with BMW specified star rated tyres. It is an essential point to keep in mind to maintain the BMW vehicle warranty. Tires must be with star marking on them; otherwise, if tyres don’tdon’t have star observation installed in the BMW warranty, it will be void. iTyreCare fit the BMW specified run-flat tires with free services (computerized installation wheel balancing and wheel alignment).

At the time of tires replacement, it was noticed rims got damaged after hitting the pathways. As a result, the steering wheel starts vibrating at 120 km/h speed on the highway. They advise removing the bent and painting for a smooth driving experience. A great feeling I got back the car with new run-flat tires and refurbished original rims in showroom condition.

Why iTyreCare Dubai.

I recommend iTyreCare based on my experience to buy tires online in Dubai from the comfort of your home or office with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. These guys did the whole process very professionally at a fast pace to minimize your waiting time.

These guys provide you the best possible solution for all your car repair needs in Dubai, UAE, whether it’s related to car tires, electrical work, car A/C (Air conditioning) service, mechanical car repair in Dubai, body shop minor, or major car servicing.

They have advanced computerized diagnostic and repair systems. So they can repair car brake system with electrical parking brake. At iTyreCare, their expert technicians can change Brake pads and brake shoes. They have a service in which discs can be polished or replaced according to customer needs. The brake sensor needs to be replaced with electric brakes.

They have contact with major parts suppliers in Dubai to arrange original and cost-effective OEM parts according to requirements.

iTyreCare is considered one of the best BMW car service centers where you can bring your germen car for all types of repairs. It includes general servicing engine oil change steering and suspension repairs engine mounting fluids storage radiators water pump or even engine rebuild service with guarantee. Mercedes car service facility is available when you choose to change engine oil with filter and automatic reset at iTyreCare.

Dent removal service with minor painting or whole body paints you require will be done the same as the original. Quality is the most important while giving assistance to our customers.

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