Priyanka Gandhi remains silent on the INC’s response to an MLA’s remark that he “enjoys rape,” while the BJP demands that he be imprisoned

Shaina NC, a BJP leader, told Republic, “The entire country is enraged. Priyanka Gandhi’s decision to take on the repeat offender was unexpected.”

While Priyanka Gandhi Vadra responded to Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar’s outrageous ‘enjoy rape’ remark in a tweet on Friday, the party has yet to take any action against the leader for his sexist remark.

Shania NC, a BJP leader, responded to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s tweet by saying that the least the Congress general secretary can do is “take on the man who is a repeat offender.”

“The entire country is enraged. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, has condemned. Priyanka Gandhi’s decision to take on the man who is a repeat offender and believes that inevitable rape should be enjoyed was unexpected. This is the absolute lowest of lows “Shaina NC spoke to Republic about it.

Priyanka Gandhi tweeted that “it is inexplicable how anyone can ever utter such words,” condemning Ramesh Kumar’s remark that “there is a saying that when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it.”

The Congress general secretary, on the other hand, has remained tight-lipped about her party’s plans for dealing with the Karnataka legislator.

Priyanka Ghandhi
Priyanka Ghandhi

Karnataka’s Speaker and MLAs laugh at the ‘enjoy rape’ remark.

Former Karnataka speaker and senior Congress MLA KR Ramesh Kumar sparked outrage on Thursday when he made a shocking rape comment to Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri.

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When MLAs began to demand time from the Speaker to discuss farmers’ issues in the Assembly on Thursday, Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri asked how he could run the session if everyone was given equal time.

“I feel that let us enjoy the situation,” he said, looking at Ramesh Kumar, “I can’t keep this under control and take it forward in a systematic way.” As a retort, the Congress leader said, “There’s a saying that goes, “When rape is unavoidable, lie down and enjoy it.” That’s exactly where you’re at “,.

Instead of speaking out against the offensive remark, the Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly and members of the Legislative Assembly were overheard laughing.

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Ramesh Kumar explains why he made the sexist remark.

Ramesh Kumar had previously offered a “off the cuff justification” after his misogynistic remark justifying rape drew widespread condemnation. On Thursday, the Congress MLA took to Twitter to express his “sincere apologies” for the “indifferent and negligent” remark made in the state Assembly.

“It was an off-the-cuff remark, not meant to trivialise or make light of the heinous crime!” “I will choose my words carefully from now on!” wrote the Congress MLA.

When the Congress legislator was confronted by Republic Media Network on Friday, Ramesh Kumar repeatedly pushed away the Republic TV microphone pointed at him, claiming that he had already answered what needed to be answered. He also kept saying that he “did not owe the media an answer.”

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