Principles Of Resume Writing To Get Hired In No Time

A resume is needed for showing off yourself to those who hire you. However, a resume is much more than that. Resumes help employers make hiring decisions and conduct their first job interviews. But if you fail to do so, it would do the opposite. Hence, for freshers who aren’t well aware of resume writing? Make sure you go to Resume Writing services in India.

A Strong Font And A Good Header

Using a different yet unique font can be an easy way to make your resume stand out in the middle from the seas of Arial and Times New Roman. There’s no such thing as a correct or incorrect font on resumes, but here are some basic guidelines to follow: 

  1. Make sure that any font you use is readable both on screen and in print. Keep font sizes between 11 and 13 points. Any smaller font, or even the fanciest font, runs the risk of becoming illegible. Pay attention to how you use the different font sizes. For example, all headings must be the same size, as must-have body text. Sans-Serif fonts are usually good choices for more creative or digital areas. Serif fonts still have their place in more traditional or old-fashioned industries. Avoid using Comic Sans. Not only is it widely despised by people in the design industry, but it also exudes a childlike charisma. The same goes for papyrus.
  1. The start of your résumé should always be an eye-catcher. Your résumé would be among the other thousands of résumés collected. The software is designed to only look at the top parts of your resume instead of reading the lines. You should add the correct information and make sure you include statements and data that demonstrate your qualifications for the job. Writing on your resume should do its job in seconds if not your request will be excluded from future verification. The top third of the first page is the part that determines whether or not you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Hence, if you are a fresher, it is always recommended to go to resume writing services in India to make sure that you would be hired within a few seconds.

Keywords And Columns

The two magic words that everyone should know:

  1. Keyword Selection: Everything is based on keywords these days. Search details on and off as the internet is based on that single word in your hand. So, the same thing happens with your resume. Therefore, you should have at least 23 keywords at the top of your resume, such as B. Project Management, Accounting, B2B Server, Marketing, etc. There are two reasons to use keywords- the person looking at your resume would try to match the application with the qualifications required for the job at hand. If you use the right words, they are sure to appear more on your resume. When the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) reviews your resume, it should ensure that the top section is filled with enough keywords related to the job you are looking for.
  1. Using Columns: Columns allow you to hold a huge amount of information without cluttering the layout or splitting your resume over more than one page (which is a huge flaw in most industries). They also help make your resume easier to read, which leads to a higher chance of being read. Your resume will look visually more interesting if you split it into two columns of different sizes. Then get creative with how to use these different columns. For example, the smaller column could highlight some of your impressive accomplishments, while the larger column could list more detailed data like job descriptions.

Personal Touch

  1. Design: The type of position you are applying for should influence the design of your resume. When applying for a position in a publication, use a classic font. A job as a web designer? Consider adding a few colored elements to a printed resume or even preparing a digital resume to show your skills in the field. Columns are probably as wild as you should) get. 
  1. Multiple jobs: Create multiple resumes depending on what comes up when researching your target companies. Regardless of your industry, it’s probably best to avoid anything that is too high. and the like will certainly stand out, but not necessarily positively. While using unicorn stickers on your resume isn’t a good idea, you can still find ways to personalize it through design. For example, you can use a custom font, borders, shading, tasteful color accents, and more. Keep in mind that someone who prints out an electronically submitted resume may not print it out in color. Make sure it looks good and stays legible in black and white.
  1. Use the Right File Type: You can spend hours creating the perfect resume, but it won’t be possible if you save it in the wrong format. Save your resume as a PDF, so there is no risk of the format being sent to a hiring manager. If your resume looks bad when you open it, it will seriously undermine your professionalism. Don’t ignore the name of your file either. First and last name and the word “curriculum vitae”; You can also include the company name in the file name. This makes life easier for HR managers and conveys consideration.


After following these points, one can make the best resume amidst the lot. One can also approach resume writing services in India to make the best possible resume.

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