Primexbt: Enjoy Seamless Trading WithThe New Native ios App

Trading systems have experienced massive evolution, from the old-fashioned hand-drawn graphs to a more revolutionized point-and-click trading that came with the digital age. Thus, thanks to major trading platforms such as PrimeXBT, traders worldwide can access all the minor, major, and cross pair foreign exchange currencies, popular indices, stocks, and crypto, among other commodities, from a single account. Thus, besides the numerous advantages of trading Litecoin with PrimeXBT iOS application, using this platform offers a competitive advantage for those who wish to trade gold, oil, Bitcoin, stock indices, and foreign exchange from the comfort of a mobile phone. Moreover, besides accessing and utilizing long and short digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, traders can invest and trade different altcoins, including Cardano, Dogecoin, Solana, Chainlink, Polkadot, Uniswap and XRP.   

Access The Primexbt Platform From A Mobile App

Contrary to the ancient procedures of clicking and dragging charts to review historical performance, contemporary trading is free and involves tapping and swiping, among other gestures, through mobile applications. However, since money is usually on edge in such transactions, there is no room for errors.  As a result, such experiences require a fully functional, well-designed, flexible, and responsive app. Moreover, while the look and feel should feature a mobile-friendly design, the trading app should also feature aspects typical to the regular browsing experience. Fortunately, with PrimeXBT iOS app, which has been redefined for mobile devices, offers an exceptional trading experience compared to what mobile browsers offer. Besides being an award-winning platform, PrimeXBT includes trading solutions that are arguably the most advanced and powerful in the market. Moreover, unlike in the past, where users could access its services through its official website only, the newly released iOS app delivers a more fluid trading experience from a single application. In addition to its ease of use, the PrimeXBT native application offers a higher level of flexibility since it can be accessed from anywhere through a mobile phone. Using the app offers a fast and fluid trading experience since you only have to swipe back and forth to navigate between tabs and sections. Additionally, being highly responsive, the application is satisfying to the touch. As a new user, you needn’t have to be concerned about maneuvering through the app since you’ll be guided through the registration process until you log into the account you created. Likewise, the app values your privacy and security and thus features state-of-the-art authentication and verification solutions, including Touch ID and Face ID integration. Once you log into your account, you’ll be directed to a brief tutorial and then to the dashboard, which is also the home section. The dashboard allows you to access and deposit BTC, ETH, USDC, or USDT for margin accounts. Also, you will receive portfolio performance data that includes relevant information on margin allocation, and Pnl, among others. Besides being the only application that allows you to create a diverse trading portfolio, the PrimeXBT iOS app allows users to view assets via a watchlist that opens up a chart containing various indicators and intervals to choose from once you tap on individual assets.

What Can Users Benefit From The Primexbt Ios App?

While the app’s user experience is slightly different from the desktop layout, it features intuitive navigation toggling between different views. Moreover, co-vesting traders – those using the exclusive copy trading module from PrimeXBT are able to monitor their following and portfolio. Future users will also be able to develop new strategies for managing their following from the app. Furthermore, the app will integrate the recently released co-vesting yield account system that can deliver up to 13%APY for users trading idle cryptos such as USDC, USDT, and ETH. 

Download The App Today And Win Up To $10000 In Rewards In The Bug Bounty Program

Luckily, the PrimeXBT iOS app is available for free, thus enabling users to access the global markets from anywhere. iOS users can visit the Apple App store to download the app and leave five-star feedback. Moreover, the platform has set aside more than $10000 for users who report bugs. The bug bounty program will reward users depending on the validity and severity of the bug reports. For instance, you won’t receive any reward if you are the fifth person to report the same bug. This program rewards contributing users and aims to fix any issues that can affect the overall user experience. Similarly, this program shows the commitment of this trading platform to the community and to the app itself. Thus, traders who enjoyed the website experience can now access all the powerful tools even when on the go.

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