Price of crude oil increased today, petrol diesel became expensive in the country today

Today, June 14, 2022, the government oil marketing companies have, as they do every day, released the gasoline and diesel prices. Find out here what the impact of the crude oil price increase on the global market was today.

The price of gasoline and diesel has not changed as a result of today’s 6 a.m. oil price report. Only yesterday’s price remains stable. On May 20, the central government reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 9 and Rs 7, respectively. On May 21, the prices of petrol and diesel were reduced in the country. The price of gasoline and diesel has not increased or decreased since then.

Crude oil prices rose

On the international market, crude oil prices have approached $ 122 per barrel today. Today, the price of WTI crude has decreased by $0.07 per barrel, to $120.83. Brent crude, on the other hand, fell to $122.06 per barrel after gaining $0.17.

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Petrol; And D
Petrol; And D

Prices (per liter) for gasoline and diesel fuel in the nation’s largest cities

Delhi Petrol Rs 96.72 and Diesel Rs 89.62
Mumbai Petrol Rs 111.35 and Diesel Rs 97.28 
Chennai Petrol Rs 102.63 and Diesel Rs 94.24
Kolkata Petrol Rs 106.03 and Diesel 92.76 

Price of Diesel and Gasoline in NCR

Petrol in  Noida Rs 96.57 and Diesel Rs 89.96 in Gurugram Rs
97.18  and Diesel Rs 90.05  Petrol in
Chandigarh Rs 96.20 and Diesel Rs 84.26

Prices for gasoline and diesel in other U.S. cities

Lucknow  , capital of  Uttar Pradesh  Rs 96.57 and diesel 89.76  Petrol in
Telangana  capital  Hyderabad  Rs 109.66 and diesel 97.82 Petrol in
Rajasthan  capital  Jaipur  Rs 108.48 and diesel 93.72  Petrol in
Kerala  capital  Thiruvananthapuram  Rs 107.71 and diesel 96.52 
Andaman and  Nicobar capital  Port Petrol in Blair  Rs 84.10 and Diesel 79.74  Petrol in
Bihar  Capital  Patna  Rs 107.24 and Diesel 94.04  Petrol in
Karnataka  Capital  Bengaluru  Rs 101.94 and Diesel 87.89 
Petrol in Bhopal ,  the capital of  Madhya Pradesh ,  Rs 108.65, diesel 93.90 

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