Premium Hatchback Sales 2022 – Baleno 185k, i20 75k, Altroz 29k, Glanza 22k

Premium hatchback segment – Best sales month, and quarterly sales for Maruti Baleno, Hyundai i20, Tata Altroz, and Toyota Glanza in 2022

New Maruti Baleno sales in 2022
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Premium hatchback market in India in 2022 saw a total of 3,53,012 units sold, with the Maruti Baleno leading the way with 52.59 percent market share. Hyundai i20 came in second with 21.41 percent market share, followed by Tata Altroz with 16.60 percent, and Toyota Glanza with 9.40 percent. The premium hatchback market in India is a competitive one, though with clear winners.

The data table provided shows sales numbers for four segment makers –  Maruti Baleno, Hyundai i20, Tata Altroz, and Toyota Glanza. Sales data for each month of the year saw Maruti Baleno with the highest monthly sales numbers in August, September and November. Hyundai i20 had the highest sales in June and October. Tata Altroz had the highest sales in July. For Toyota Glanza, sales peaked in December. In terms of sales, during historically high sales periods/months, vying for market share was more closely competed.

Premium Hatchback Sales 2022 Yr

Quarterly analysis shows Maruti Baleno had the highest sales in Q3 and Q4. Hyundai i20 too had the highest sales in Q3. The same is true for Tata Altroz. When analyzing, it is clear that the Maruti Baleno is the top-selling hatchback in India in 2022, with a significant lead over the other models. More than double over its closest competitor. This can be attributed to several factors -affordability, reliability, fuel efficiency, wide service network, and proposed good resale value among others.

While market share Hyundai i20, Altroz and Glanza were relatively stable, Maruti Baleno maintained a strong lead over the other models. At the end of H1 2022 itself, sales were reported at 74,892 years. It took Hyundai i20 a full year to sell a few hundred units more at 75,572 units. Others trailed further behind. Total average monthly premium hatchback segment sales stood at 26,652 units.

Premium Hatchback sales Year 2022
Premium Hatchback sales Year 2022

Highest monthly sales for Maruti Baleno was in November with almost 21k units sold. Quarterly sales for Maruti Baleno were highest in Q3 at 55,747 units. That alone is higher than yearly sales of Glanza. Hyundai i20 ended the year at 75.5k units, Tata Altroz at 58.6k units. And Toyota Glanza at 33.2k units. Toyota Glanza had the lowest sales numbers for each month except December. Consequently, it posted the lowest sales at the end of each quarter.

The premium hatchback segment is expected to see steady growth, And Maruti Baleno is poised to remain a top-seller. Market share percentages for the top-selling hatchbacks remain in growth mode.

General analysis of premium hatchback market 2022

While Maruti Baleno had the highest numbers to show for the year, Toyota Glanza had the lowest. Among the brands, Maruti Suzuki and Toyota stayed on two ends of a spectrum for this segment. While the hatchback market in India in 2022 is dominated by Maruti Baleno, competition is more closely challenged amongst the other 3.

Maruti Baleno and Toyota Glanza are based on the same platform and share parts. Sold as separate brand offerings in India, both cars have several similar features. Manufactured at the same facility in India, Toyota Glanza is positioned as a more premium offering.

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