Poonam Pandey Bold Video: Poonam Pandey had to wear ‘braless’ crop top expensive

Bold Video by JNNl Poonam Pandey: A Poonam Pandey video is trending on social media. Viral Bhayani from the paparazzi has shared this video. Poonam Pandey can be seen in this photograph striking poses while posing next to her car. Video Poonam Pandey is depicted in this with green pants and a white crop top. She had a bra-free photo shoot, which makes it unique. Some of her fans approach her to take selfies after seeing her in the video.

When the young man approaches to take a picture, Poonam Pandey becomes uneasy, and this unease is evident on her face. She has makeup applied. She is seen posing while holding a cellphone in her hand.

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Poonam Pandey was questioned about her signature trend, but she declined, Viral Bhayani wrote while sharing the images. The video by Viral Bhayani has received a lot of responses. She looks stunning, one person wrote. I’ve come to drink cannabis, one person wrote. “How good it is, but why does it act so dirty, I don’t know,” one person wrote. Ha ha ha wearing it inside, according to one. I simply forgot.

Lockup Season One recently featured Poonam Pandey. Kangana Ranaut served as the program’s host, and Ekta Kapoor served as the program’s producer. Poonam Pandey is renowned for posting her sexy and provocative images and videos online. Trolls are also used, but they are unaffected by it.

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