‘Police Insiders Helping Amritpal Singh?’: Questions Raised As Khalistani Preacher Continue To Be On Loose | India News

NEW DELHI: How come a religious preacher and Chief of Waris Punjab De (WPD) Amritpal Singh has been dodging arrest when the whole of the state machinery is combing through the state and yet he managed to cross over to the neighbouring Haryana? The questions are being asked whether is there a mole in the police department who prewarn the fugitive Amritpal Singh of the next step of the police or if he is being deliberately allowed to ‘run’ but under surveillance.

Punjab police claim their success in breaking the network of Amritpal and arresting his aides who were fanning the fire of Khalistan, brandishing swords and raising separatist slogans publicly without shooting a single bullet but at the same time, common Punjabi is dismal over the police performance and its incompetence in arresting one person who is always one step ahead of the police.

Police claims are hard to swallow that Amritpal crossed the border and reached Haryana. If it is so, then where the police have been lying Naka’s or patrolling and where is its intelligence network?

Various foreign based ill-informed Sikh bodies with vested interests are harping on top of their voice that the Punjab government is trying to prove Amritpal as a Khalistani militant and a ‘coward on run’ only to diminish his aura but these Sikh bodies skillfully avoid commenting on how Amritpal was provoking gullible Sikh youth against India and had set new precedence of attacking constitutionally formed institutions under the shield of Sikh holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

These foreign-based radical Sikh organisations claim that Amritpal was running a campaign against drugs and propagating Sikhism under his ‘Khalsa Vaheer’, a religious procession across the state to focus on religious preaching and baptize Sikh youth, but are mum over raising an armed Anandpur Khalsa Fauj (AKF) by him and now even it is reported that Amritpal had links with Pakistan’s notorious intelligence agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), there is no word from these so-called ‘Social Media Khalsas’.

But those who had been protesting in front of Indian consulates abroad or condemning the Indian government for their arrest of separatists do not represent the common Sikhs living in Punjab or in different parts of India and abroad and are only pursuing divisive politics against which the people of Punjab should show maturity and not come under the influence of their propaganda and provocations.

Sangrawan-based Damdami Taksal leader Baba Ram Singh observed that Sikh Quom had been struggling for the release of 9 Bandhi Singhs (Sikh prisoners) but now over 200 Sikhs had been arrested whose future was unsure since many of them had been sent to jails outside Punjab.

Now, police have also started tightening their noose around UK national Kirandeep Kaur, wife of Amritpal Singh whom she married on February 10. It is yet to be established whether she had any role in promoting the separatist agenda but police have started their investigations in this direction.

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