Police in Pulwama neutralise Terrorist accused of Killing SI Farooq Mir

On Tuesday, J&K police killed Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist Majid Nazir in Pulwama, avenging the death of SI Farooq Mir. Two terrorists were killed in total.

In an effort to combat terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir, police in the state not only killed two terrorists in Pulwama, but also avenged the death of one of their officers, Farooq Ahmad Mir, who was killed by terrorists on June 18.

On Monday, an encounter between security forces and terrorists occurred in the Tujjan area of Pulwama.

On Tuesday, two terrorists were killed in a counter-terrorism operation carried out by security forces in Pulwama, J&K. Majid Nazir, a member of the terror group Jaish-e-Mohammed, has been identified as one of the terrorists killed.

“Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist Majid Nazir, killer of SI Farooq Mir, has been neutralised in the Pulwama encounter,” said Inspector General of Police of Kashmir, Vijay Kumar, while detailing the operation.

He also stated that two terrorists have been killed as a result of the anti-terror operation that erupted in Pulwama. Notably, by killing Nazir, the J&K police have avenged the death of officer Farooq Mir on June 18.

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Farooq Mir was assassinated in Pulwama.

Terrorists killed J&K police officer Farooq Ahmad Mir in Pulwama on June 18. According to recent reports, Pakistan carried out the attack in an attempt to instil fear of terrorists among the locals, as well as to send a message that such attacks can be directed at anyone.

When it comes to the brutal killing of a J&K police officer, it happened on the night of June 17 and 18 when Sub-Inspector Farooq Ahmad Mir left his home to water his paddy fields in Samboora village in Pulwama.

His family members went out looking for him after he didn’t return until late and discovered his bullet-riddled body in a paddy field. They immediately alerted the J&K police, who responded quickly. The body was recovered by the police, who discovered a bullet wound on his chest and two bullet cartridges on the field.

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Notably, as Army chiefs, commanding officers, Jammu and Kashmir police officers, and other military officials paid their respects to the late Farooq Ahmad in a wreath-laying ceremony, footage from his final journey shows his distraught family sobbing after receiving his mortal remains. Later, his body would be laid to rest.

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