PM Modi’s Top 5 Quotes Read Here


World Environment Day 2021: PM Modi's Top 5 Quotes. Read Here

PM Modi on World Environment Day: Economy and ecology can go hand and hand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made key announcements on World Environment Day on Saturday. Addressing a programme based on the theme – promotion of biofuels for better environment – PM Modi said, “the use of ethanol extracted from sugarcane for mixing in petrol will benefit farmers.” He will also interact with farmers to hear their experiences of using ethanol. PM Modi released the report of the Expert Committee on Road Map for Ethanol Blending by 2025 on World Environment Day. “Terming 20% ethanol blending as within reach, the report lays out an annual plan for the gradual rollout of E20 ethanol,” tweeted the NITI Aayog.

PM Modi’s address on World Environment Day. Watch here:

World Environment Day: Top 5 quotes of PM Modi

  1. “20 per cent ethanol mixing in petrol has been advanced to 2025 from earlier target of 2030”:  PM Modi.
  2. “Use of ethanol extracted from sugarcane for mixing in petrol will benefit farmers”: PM Modi.
  3. “Economy and ecology can go hand in hand, thrive together – India has chosen this path”: PM Modi
  4. “One Sun, One World, One Grid – be it our vision for International Solar Alliance or the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure initiative –  India is moving ahead with a big global vision”: PM Modi
  5. “To protect the our environment, it is very important to unite in our efforts. When every citizen of the country makes a united effort to maintain ecological balance in air, water and land, only then we will be able to provide a healthy environment to the younger generations”: PM Modi 


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