PM Modi – Past governments ignored development projects in Uttar Pradesh

GORAKHPUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed previous governments for failing to show interest in the development of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, saying the BJP is committed to the welfare of the people, particularly farmers.

Even as the Akhilesh Yadav-led political outfit positions itself squarely against the BJP to emerge as the most potent rival, the PM’s caustic barbs at SP gained political currency. His remark came as Akhilesh held a joint rally in Meerut with ally and RLD chief Jayant Chaudhary in a show of strength in the communally sensitive west UP region.

The Prime Minister chastised the previous SP government for putting up roadblocks in the construction of the AIIMS in Gorakhpur. “They only provided the land for the project after the BJP government pursued it aggressively,” he said.

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Modi also chastised the previous Congress-led UPA government for failing to show interest in the fertiliser factory, despite knowing how important it was for the agriculture sector, creating jobs, and boosting the economy. PM Modi described his government as “dedicated to the welfare of farmers,” saying that his government was taking all necessary steps to increase fertiliser production and mitigate the impact of global price increases.

“Fertilizer prices have risen astronomically around the world, but we will not pass the burden on to the farmers,” Modi said. He claimed that the Centre provided subsidies on NPK fertilisers and urea worth Rs 43,000 crore and Rs 33,000 crore, respectively, to offset the impact of price increases. He stated that the Centre was attempting to reduce fertiliser prices by a factor of ten when compared to international prices.

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