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Today, December 2, marks the tenth anniversary of The Dirty Picture. We review Vidya Balan’s outstanding portrayal as Silk Smitha in the smash hit film, which also earned her a National Award for Best Actress.

Vidya Balan will always be associated with The Dirty Picture, which was released ten years ago today, on December 2, 2011. The actress portrayed Silk Smitha, a controversial actress whose birthday is also today. The Dirty Picture followed the rapid rise of a small-town girl with enormous goals, her fight to sustain her celebrity, and her eventual demise, which was accompanied by self-destruction.

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan, who had previously done girl-next-door parts, decided to do justice to this intriguing role when filmmaker Milan Luthria approached her. Silk Smitha, the 1980s South Indian sex symbol, was to be the inspiration for the film. Vidya verbally and visually portrayed her sensual side to the fullest in it. Vidya proved that she is just as rebellious as her character Reshma, who is renamed Silk, a millionaire’s fantasy, by saying yes to The Dirty Picture.

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Reshma’s rise to the top of show business is chronicled in The Dirty Picture. She has no qualms about using her sexual allure to make her fantasies a reality. Vidya is powerful in her role as Silk, and she revels in her bravado. Silk fights back against her male peers’ attempts to exploit her and subsequently discard her due to their own insecurities. The film industry, on the other hand, is a harsh environment. Every day, it accepts or rejects stars. Silk, too, suffers from this dreadful fate. She starts to give a damn, and that’s the start of her demise.

Vidya Balan’s plunging necklines, slender waistlines, and provocative outfits in The Dirty Picture drew a lot of attention when it was released in 2011. The personal encounters she had with her co-stars Emraan Hashmi, Naseeruddin Shah, and Tusshar Kapoor were a talking topic as well. The words in the film gave even more spice to the already spicy storey. “Jab sharafat ke kapde utarte hai, tab sabse zyada mazaa sharifon ko hi aata hai,” as the dialogue goes. The Dirty Picture, on the other hand, is both delicate and scandalous.

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Vidya Balan discussed her role as the reel-life bombshell Silk Smitha at the India Today e-Conclave in 2020. Vidya added, “I didn’t have any reservations before signing the picture.” “No, I was unconcerned. Milan instilled trust in me the moment I met him. So I knew he had a good eye for design and that it wouldn’t be cheap. In addition, Ekta, a woman, was involved. She was familiar to me. With her, I began my profession. On those accounts, I was safe. ‘Are you crazy?’ several people asked. You can’t be doing things like this because you’re a girl next door.'”

For The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan got the Best Actress National Award. Her exuberant attitude and bold and stunning appearance will be remembered for a long time.

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