Placing Alfa Romeo, Fiat on India’s Board

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Having ceased ops here, Fiat India could be crafting a comeback as Stellantis might consider re-introducing it

Indian automotive market has thrived in the recent past. Collectively, India has surpassed Japan in sales at times to grace the position of world’s third-largest automotive market. With potential in sales, India races on with manufacturers carving out a piece of this sizeable market. That said, invitation seems to be open for old darlings too.

Fiat India had its glory days. And then not much. Lack of newness could have resulted in a less profitable situation. Now, Stellantis is reportedly considering a comeback for Fiat India.

Fiat Electric – Charged Prospects into India’s EV segment?

Needless to say, Stellantis is keen on firmly establishing Citroen and Jeep brands in India. Citroen C3 Aircross and its electric version eC3 Aircross are in the pipeline. These will lay a foundation for the French brand in compact SUV space with the uniqueness of a 3rd-row seating option.

Jeep Compass and Meridian need a nudge to push sales to offer highest level of competitiveness. Right now, SUV offerings from rival brands attract way more volumes.

Amidst all these, there could be wiggle room for re-introduction of Fiat brand. Just last month, compact SUV segment sold over 41K vehicles with 60% YoY growth and 16% MoM growth. These are promising figures for automakers to bet on. Of course, a lot depends on whether Fiat India if reintroduced goes to electric car way, or the compact UV way.

Globally, Fiat has outsold rest of Stellantis brands in the 1st half of 2023 and shows great potential. electric Fiat 500 became one of top-selling A-segment hatchbacks and is being considered for an Australian launch. Fiat India struggled before. Despite that, the brand enjoys great recall among Indian enthusiasts.

Stellantis’ Dual Play: Fiat’s Rebirth; Alfa Romeo’s Potential Debut?

Compact SUV space is currently the most popular in India and strikes a good balance between cost and profitability. This is a lucrative opportunity for carmakers to carve out a piece of this pie. And Jeep and Citroen are both placed strategically in this growth market. So, where would Fiat India fit in?

Along with Fiat, Alfa Romeo is under consideration too. These could very well be CBU vehicles that cater to a much more premium end of the price spectrum. We could probably only get Quadrifoglio performance versions of both Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV.


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