“People want to tear you down,” Govinda says of unprofessionalism charges and the film industry.

In a visit on Maniesh Paul’s podcast, actor Govinda recounted the advice that the late Dilip Kumar offered him while he was at the height of his career, having secured 75 film contracts by age 21. He also discussed his exclusion from the entire film industry.

Govinda stated in the interview that he is far too evolved to pay attention to those who want him harm. Prior to a few years ago, Govinda’s career, one of the most prominent stars of the 1990s (he was dubbed Hero Number 1), experienced a tough period. He has been mainly missing from popular movies for many years.

Reminiscing about his heyday, he told Maniesh in Hindi, “I didn’t enter the film industry; it came to me. At age 21, I had signed contracts for 75 films. I recall that the great Dilip sahab approached me and instructed me to dump 25 of them. I informed him that I had already spent the signing fee, but he replied that God will see that I earn it back, but I must return it immediately. And he was correct; I was falling unwell and working four to five shifts a day in and out of hospitals. I once went without sleep for 16 days…”


Maniesh informed him that because to his fame, several directors and producers also became famous. Does it bother him that he was accused of being unprofessional and late? Govinda stated that these rumors were not established by the producers with whom he has frequently collaborated.

“When you’re successful, many people will want to bring you down,” he added, adding that his extensive filmography speaks for itself. “When I was at my height for 14 or 15 years, when everything was going my way, nobody brought up these difficulties… This is the film industry, where people and equations evolve over time.”

When asked when he saw the tide was turning against him, Govinda responded, “I was at the top for 14 years with no preparation. When I realized that people were turning against me, though, I was helpless. Individuals who are raised with astrology, numerology, and vastu shastra… They pay no attention to these puny individuals. It is too insignificant to consider. “Even mountains crumble,”

Govinda stated that he has also witnessed this happening to other’mahaan’ individuals, and that this is God’s way of reminding you of your condition. He said, “I do not react to all of this; I am an actor, not a reactor.”

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