Patna:The loving couple committed suicide by hanging from a tree late on Saturday night

The loving couple, who lived in Patna’s Lalbigha village, committed suicide by hanging themselves from a tree late Saturday night. After seeing the dead bodies of a young man hanging from the village in the West mango tree on Sunday morning, fear spread throughout the area. Krishna Kumar (22) was the son of Jhalakh Prasad Yadav, a resident of Lalbigha, and Neetu Kumari, 17, was the daughter of Anil Saw, a resident of the village. The inability to marry due to family opposition is said to have been the cause of both of their suicides.

Both bodies were recovered by Masaudhi police and taken to PMCH for a post-mortem examination. Krishna Kumar and Neetu are said to have had a long-term relationship. The loving couple wished to marry in order to break the caste barrier.

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hanging from a tree
hanging from a tree

The young man Krishna’s family put pressure on him to marry on the 26th of January in a different location. Both of them used to talk after they married. The girl’s marriage was also arranged by relatives at a different location, which she opposed at home. When they realised that their desire to live together by marrying for love under family pressure would not be fulfilled, they decided to die together.

On Saturday night, both of them left the house late. The young man performed the marriage ceremony by filling vermilion in the demand of his girlfriend near the mango tree adjacent to the West Government School from the village. The girl dupatta and the young man then climbed the tree and hanged themselves with a noose around their necks and a muffler, dying instantly. In Lalabigaha village, there was mourning and mourning following both of their deaths. According to SHO Ranjit Rajak, the case appears to be a suicide due to a failed love affair on the surface. Following receipt of the post-mortem report, further action will be taken.

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