Pathaan Movie Review: Blockbuster Shah Rukh Khan in a face off with John Abraham 2.0, Deepika Padukone is kickass in high-octane actioner! | Movies News

Movie: Pathaan

Director: Siddharth Anand

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham

Star Ratings: 3.5/5 

‘Party pathaan ke ghar pe rakhoge, Toh mehman nawaji ke liye Pathaan toh aayega, Aur patake bhi laayega’. Fireworks all the way from start to end – that’s Yash Raj Raj bankrolled actioner Pathaan for all. Shah Rukh Khan ends his 4-year lull at cinemas with a massive masala actioner that features Deepika Padukone and John Abraham in the lead. With no ‘besharmi’, let’s get rolling with the review: 

Meet SRK as Pathaan

The screenplay begins with a mention of the country revoking Article 370, and how it irks Pakistani general Qadir (played by actor Manish Wadhwa). His revenge strategy involves Jim – our main antagonist and a hottie (John Abraham). Veteran actress Dimple Kapadia who plays a RAW official has a pivotal part till the climax. It’s good to see actors like Ashutosh Rana (Colonel Sunil Luthra), Dimple Kapadia and SRK (Pathaan, who is a RAW agent) in one frame. 

John Abraham 2.0 is Killer!

Jim, who is a former RAW agent turned rogue is cruel, loaded with lethal weapons and has an evil master plan. With all this established, enter Deepika Padukone aka Rubina Mohsin, an ISI agent. She is glamourous, sexy and can kick some serious ass. Pathaan goes after her for vital info and from thereon the chase begins. As the screenplay moves, layers to John’s character and his evilness come out and this time you get to see John Abraham 2.0 – after Dhoom, this is probably his action best. The storyline gets tighter in the second half with a virus entering the plot (no spoiler).

Pathaan is high on Action

There is not even a single dull moment in this YRF actioner. The action sequences between SRK and John are over-the-top yet mind-numbing. Do not seek logic in masala entertainers, you will be disappointed. But what will keep you entertained is their face-off, heavy-duty dialogues and the lead actors doing some never-seen-before bold action stunts.

Full marks to the background score which is edgy, fresh and has an adrenaline-pumping beat to it. Director Siddharth Anand is known for his stylised filmmaking. Be it Bang Bang, War or now Pathaan – his signature style is evident and this time he has gone many notches higher. 

Watch Pathaan in Theatres

Pathaan has a visual spectacle that has many ‘wow’ moments for fans. Be it the spectacular globetrotting from Spain, Russia to Afghanistan and Dubai – we travelled all and that too in the most glamourised way. Music needs applause and yes here I mean ‘Besharam Rang’ and ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ which don’t break the rhythm but rather add to it. 

The biggest blockbuster of Pathaan is the ‘Karan Arjun’ moment which left the audience clapping and hooting like crazy. Yes, Bhaijaan Salman Khan and SRK’s camaraderie is absolutely adorable and their action scenes together also deserve a mention. Many wows, whistles and claps echoed for those 5 mins. 

Deepika as Rubina is impressive in her act. She can and has done some crazy stunts, looking at ease. We need to see her in more action flicks after Pathaan. The actress looks crisp and her stylist Shaleena Nathani does full justice to her character brief. Cinematography by Satchith Paulose is brilliant and Hollywood action director Casey O ‘Neill’s jaw-dropping action stunts in Pathaan are worth a whistle. 

Do not miss the end credits, there’s some fun element for fans.

Overall, our verdict: Fasten your seat belts this weekend, and watch Pathaan at a theatre near you!


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