Patel Gaurang wins a huge 10,000,000 INR jackpot from 9Winz

An Indian man called Patel Gaurang won a huge jackpot of 10 Million INRs on 19-10-21 at 23:15:22 while he was playing one of the most popular online casino games Crazy Time at 9Winz. One of the main things which are worth noting is that Mr. Gaurang betted just 5 000 rupees. Because of the game’s high payouts and the way it works, he was able to get home with this big win. In the video below, he discusses his experience with the game and casino. He also expresses his feelings about the huge victory.

Crazy Time, a live online game show based on the Dream Catcher money wheel concept, is a great success. The Top Slot’s multipliers may be added to any game and four bonus games, enhancing the interaction enjoyment and excitement. Four bonus games contain interactive components and current technology that enable players to win different multipliers. As a result of its unique combination of live entertainment and sophisticated RNG gambling, Crazy Time is an unforgettable experience. The gameplay revolves around the chaotic and all-action, in addition to the main play and four bonus rounds. To play, just place your best on the number (for example, 1,2,5, or 10) and/or the bonus games. Players will no longer be guaranteed to win the same prize in two of the bonus games.

Patel Gaurang works at a retail shop of clothes for ladies. He could never have imagined that he would win this amount of money in such a short period of time, Mr. Gaurang told us that he was absolutely shocked when he won and couldn’t believe it actually happened. As he stated, he’s going to buy a flat and invest his winnings in real estate, he is also planning to renovate the flat with the winnings.

9Winz PR departments have made the following comment: “We are delighted to see that a player has won at 9Winz because it is critical that we demonstrate the quality to our consumers and demonstrate that we occupy one of the most prominent positions in the industry. The victory of Patel Gaurang is a prime illustration of this. We are pleased to know that he can now make his dreams come true. 9Winz strives to provide players with fast-paced enjoyment and to make their experience unique and memorable by paying out large prizes in a timely manner. In addition, we always advise our customers to bet wisely and for fun. Our whole team extends our deepest congratulations to our grand prize winner.”

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