Parliament Winter Session LIVE : Suspension Of 12 MPs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the criteria to judge the winter session of Parliament should be how much it functioned and not how forcefully it was disrupted while urging all lawmakers to ensure that the dignity of the House and the Chair is maintained. He said the government was ready to discuss all issues and answer all questions.

Parliament Winter Session LIVE

Speaking to reporters just before the winter session started, Modi said, “I hope that in future, benchmark should be how the House functioned, how much contribution was made and not who made how much efforts to forcefully disrupt the session…benchmark should be how much productive work happened during the session.” He said citizens want that in this session as well as in the future ones, Parliament debates on issues of national interest and finds ways for development of the country in the spirit of those who fought for India’s independence.

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The PM also said as the country marks 75 years of India’s independence “we would want that questions are raised in Parliament and also decorum is maintained”. He added that voices against government and its policies should be as forceful as possible but dignity of Parliament and the Chair should be maintained. “I hope that in this session, we speedily take decisions on issues of national interest which fulfil the expectations of the common people,” he said.
He called for maintaining the sort of conduct in Parliament that would inspire younger generations.

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