Oppo K10 5G Phone Review: Price, Features, Specs And More

The K10 offers a respectable combination of features for the price, while the cameras should have been improved.

Oppo has introduced quite a few budget-friendly K-series smartphones in China over the years, and it is now bringing the Oppo K10 in India. This smartphone will join Oppo’s previously released A-series devices, including the A96 and A76. Among the K10’s most notable characteristics are its IP54 classification for dust and water resistance, its scratch-resistant construction, and its improved camera. Contrary to recent rumours, the Oppo K10 in India has rather modest features.

Sub-Rs. 20,000 smartphones provide 5G, high-resolution cameras, super rapid charging, stereo speakers, and even weather-resistant IP-rated casings. Can the Oppo K10 withstand the assault of its Chinese contemporaries? Let’s find out.

Oppo K10 price in India

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

6GB or 8GB of RAM is available for the Oppo K10. In India, the earlier option costs Rs. 14,990, whilst the later option costs Rs. Both models have 128GB of storage space. The phone is available in the colours Black Carbon and Blue Flame.

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Oppo K10 design

Despite being constructed on a more modest budget, I believe Oppo did a respectable job of giving the K10 an upscale appearance and feel. The cheerful and whimsical appearance of the blue variant of this phone appeals to me greatly. The frame of the chassis and the majority of the rear panel have a matte appearance. The smooth smoothness of the back is particularly resistant to fingerprints. Even after forcefully scratching the surface with my fingernail to test Oppo’s claims, no scratches were left. Even if you opt not to use a case, the Oppo K10 should be able to withstand daily use.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

The rectangular camera module has a strong resemblance to that of the Oppo A76, however there is an additional textured area surrounding the camera bump that spans the width of the phone. Here are the inscriptions “Super Performance” and “10-K.” The latter puzzles me because I immediately assumed it was a reference to the phone’s name, but Oppo insists it’s merely a design element.

The Oppo K10 has a bottom-mounted headphone jack. There is a bottom-firing speaker, however the earpiece also functions as a stereo speaker. Incorporating a fingerprint sensor inside the home button.

You receive a 6.59-inch LCD display with full-HD+ (2412×1080) resolution and a refresh rate of 90Hz. It is a standard-looking display with adequate brightness and hues. A cutout for the selfie camera is a lovely contemporary touch. The display is surrounded by thick, black bezels that are impossible to overlook.

The Oppo K10 includes with a comprehensive assortment of accessories, such as a clear case and a 33W SuperVOOC charger. Particularly, the case is of high quality and provides enough protection for the display’s borders, rear cameras, and ports. Additionally, it provides improved grip, as the K10’s slick finish can be slippery.

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Specifications and software for the Oppo K10

IP54 certification is a good addition to the K10, considering most of its competitors only have IP53 certification. While the Oppo K10 is comparable to other devices in terms of dust resistance, it should be more resistant to water splashes.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

Oppo has equipped the K10 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 SoC. It does not support 5G but is reasonably powerful and is also featured in the Realme 9i (Review) and Redmi Note 11. It also includes the standard wireless communication options, including dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, GPS, and FM radio. The K10’s battery is relatively capacious at 5,000mAh, and it can be charged quickly with the included 33W fast charger. This phone has a microSD card slot in the SIM tray and supports storage expansion up to 1TB.

The Oppo K10 joins a long list of Oppo devices awaiting Android 12 software. The K10 comes preinstalled with ColorOS 11.1, which is based on Android 11. There are numerous preinstalled apps, however the majority may be removed. Notifications from certain Oppo applications, such as Theme Store and Game Space, were excessively frequent. Oppo has not promised any long-term OS updates for the K10, therefore it is uncertain whether it will receive updates beyond Android 12.

Performance and battery life of the Oppo K10

During the evaluation time, the 6GB edition of the Oppo K10 that I tested performed exceptionally well. General operation was generally swift, and the fingerprint sensor never malfunctioned. Additionally, there is face recognition, which performed well even in low light. The default RAM expansion setting on the K10 is 2GB, and I have never had the need to increase this (up to 5GB of storage can be allocated as RAM).

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

Videos appeared and sounded well on the display and speakers of the Oppo K10. The left and right audio channels are not equally balanced, as the primary speaker is significantly louder than the earpiece, yet this is preferable to having no stereo sound. The display does not fade excessively in direct sunlight, therefore content is readable.

Gaming performance was likewise satisfactory, however most demanding games such as Asphalt 9: Legends and Call of Duty: Mobile displayed aliasing and flickering at the borders of objects. After boosting the graphics fidelity to ‘Very High,’ Call of Duty’s visuals improved slightly, but most of the higher graphics options were unavailable.

The Oppo K10 had an excellent battery life. I was consistently able to use my device for nearly two days on a single charge. The phone also fared adequately in our HD movie loop test, lasting approximately 15 hours, which is not exceptional but adequate. I was able to fully charge the K10’s battery in approximately one hour.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

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Oppo K10 cameras

The Oppo K10 features a primary camera with 50 megapixels and two additional cameras for depth and macro shooting. Unfortunately, there is no ultra-wide camera included, which is a major shortcoming. I would have gladly exchanged the two 2-megapixel cameras for a high-quality ultra-wide lens. Not just the K10, but several current models, such as the Realme 9 5G (Review), have eliminated ultra-wide cameras entirely. There is a 16-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

The camera application is comparable to what we’ve seen on other recent Oppo smartphones. AI Palette is one of the K10’s features that I’ve never encountered before. This option can be found in the ‘Edit’ menu of the photo gallery, and it effectively allows you to apply a different colour palette to your photo, either by selecting from a list of presets or by using the colour palette of another photo in your gallery. It should be handy for those who enjoy photo editing. There is an AI retouch slider in the camera app that allows you to control the level of face enhancement for stills and video, but it only works with the rear camera. Oppo’s Bokeh Flare Portrait filter, seen on Oppo’s Reno series, is also included.

Under favourable lighting conditions, the primary camera is capable of capturing photographs with pleasing aesthetics. The Oppo K10 struggled a bit with exposure if the subject was in direct sunlight or even slightly backlit, but other than that, landscape photographs appeared acceptable. Outdoor close-ups performed far better. The macro camera was a mixed bag and offered nothing in terms of image quality.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

Low-light landscape photographs retained colour, but detail was lacking and objects lacked clarity. The blooming effect of light sources was eliminated by switching to Night mode, but this did not increase the level of detail. Low light made close-ups look better.

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Selfies recorded outside with adequate lighting and at the full 16-megapixel resolution turned out good. Portrait mode photographs did not have the best edge detection. Selfies captured in low light were frequently lacking in fine detail.

The Oppo K10 can only record videos in 1080p resolution, and without stabilisation. Even if you reduce the resolution to 720p, there is no specific setting for stability. In terms of quality, video was barely tolerable during the day but awful at night.


The Oppo K10 is extremely similar to the previously released Oppo A96 in terms of design and specifications, but its stereo speakers, macro camera, and IP54 rating provide superior value. The K10 has an exceptionally long battery life, a reasonably fast charging rate, a beautiful display, and snappy overall performance. The pricing also appears to be reasonable, although keep in mind that there are 5G-capable options available at this price. The Poco M4 Pro 5G has an IP53 rating and appears to be a viable alternative. Similar in price to the K10, the Redmi Note 10S (Review) is a bit older but still excellent smartphone.

Oppo K10 5G
Oppo K10 5G

The greatest flaws of the Oppo K10 are its low video recording capabilities and lack of an ultra-wide camera. If you are not an avid photographer or videographer, this phone could be a nice alternative, and the base model gives the best value.

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