Oppn Insomnia… Muslim Sisters And Daughters Back Modi

In his first physical rally in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that the opposition is losing sleep because Muslim women want to support him. He claimed that the BJP administration stands behind every persecuted Muslim lady, which is why the Yogi government is needed in Uttar Pradesh to ensure that no one oppresses Muslim women.

“Our Muslim sisters and daughters recognise the good intentions of our administration. We’ve rescued them from the threat of Triple Talaq “Modi stated the following. “The opponent is snoozing… Muslim women and daughters began campaigning for Modi and making movies in his support. They are deceiving Muslim women so that they would constantly be behind in terms of progress. Every oppressed Muslim woman is supported by our government. In order for no one to harass Muslim women in the state, a Yogi government is required “he stated

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He went after the Samajwadi Party again, accusing them of supporting riots and mafias.

“These’mafiawadis’ have made the main perpetrator of the Saharanpur riots their election partner. It’s not only about Saharanpur, either. These individuals have selectively fielded criminals throughout western Uttar Pradesh “The Prime Minister stated. “These individuals are even proposing anti-nationals as candidates.” He recalled the riots in Muzaffarnagar and Saharanpur, saying: “What happened in Muzaffarnagar was a disgrace, but what happened in Saharanpur was far worse. The riots in Saharanpur are proof of how political patronage targets people. You taught the rioters a lesson in the 2017 elections as a result of your actions.”

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Muslim Sisters And Daughters
Muslim Sisters And Daughters

The Muzaffarnagar riots occurred in 2013, whereas the communal violence in Saharanpur occurred in July 2014. “This area’s residents have decided to vote for the BJP. Vote for the candidate who will protect our women and daughters from harm and send offenders to prison “he stated

He highlighted a number of programmes, including PM Awas, Ayushman Bharat, PM Kisan, free ration, and free Covid-19 vaccine, and added that a BJP-led administration in the state is required to maintain them. “If these ‘ghor pariwarwadis’ had been in charge, the vaccination would have been sold somewhere along the route,” he joked, referring to the opposition.


Modi stated that the Yogi government is improving connectivity by connecting the districts of Uttar Pradesh with good roads.

Modi said that the BJP government in the state has given sugarcane farmers more money in the last 10 years than previous governments had provided them in ten years. On February 14, the second phase of voting in the Saharanpur constituency will take place.

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