Online Cricket Betting in India- Best Online cricket betting site 2022

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Cricket- King of Indian Sports

Cricket is one of the most famous and well-loved sports all around the world, especially in India. It is a sport said to be originated in England. Being a well-known game for centuries, betting on cricket matches is also extravagantly popular in India. Moreover, around 80% of all sports bets are of cricket betting in India.

Cricket Betting in India:

Cricket betting in India was earlier done via Bookmarker, where players use to place a bet with him & wait for match results. With the fast-paced internet, online cricket betting took over these traditional methods. Now, the user can bet easily while sitting at home with comfort and safety. Online cricket betting destinations offer the best wagering choices as well as make the playing experience secure and safe for clients. There are various apps and websites available for Online cricket betting in India that give the smoothest experience of betting where you can bet anytime, anywhere. These online betting sites also provide data on live odds, and some offer live streaming matches.

There are various Cricket leagues and tournaments where players can place online cricket bets such as IPL, test matches, ICC T20 World cups, The ashes, PSL, BBL, and many more. With a huge number of betting options available, Cricket betting India gives a never-ending fun experience to the players.

Different famous methods to place a bet on cricket:

  • Match Betting: Here, the player can bet on three options: the home team will win, the away team will win or there will be a tie.
  • Tied Inning: This is also a simple bet where the player bets on whether the match will be tied or not. Whosoever chooses the bet correctly, wins.
  • Completed Match: In this kind of bet, the player places a bet on whether a match will end on the same day it begins or will be delayed due to weather conditions or some other reason. The Player got to choose from two options, either Yes or No.
  • Top bowlers: In this bet, the player bet on the top bowlers of the match. Players bet on bowlers who will take a maximum wicket in the match or inning. If a player-selected bowler takes a maximum wicket, that player wins.
  • Inning Runs: Here, the player places a bet on runs scored by a batsman in the first inning of a match.
  • Top Batsman: The player bets on the top batsman in the inning or match. Bettors must predict which batsmen will score the highest and make a bet accordingly. Here, the player has two choices to bet on.
  • Series Score: The player bets on the number of matches won and lost in a series of matches.

There are various other methods to bet online on Cricket other than the ones mentioned above such as toss winner, the outcome of the first ball, outright, etc. Online Cricket betting India is a vast platform with a huge variety of ways to bet and double your money.

How to Play Cricket Betting Online?

There isn’t any rocket science to play cricket betting online. It is simple and easy to use. All you need for online cricket betting is predictions skills, knowledge of cricket matches and players. These characteristics increase your cricket betting odds to win and you take home the winning amount.

The step-to-follow are below:

  1. Look for the best online cricket betting site
  2. Register for a new account
  3. Add deposit amount to the account
  4. Think wisely & place your bet
  5. Withdraw the winning amount.

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