‘Omicron Is Not a Common Cold,’ WHO COVID-19 Technical Director Warns As Cases Rise

In the wake of the rising Omicron Cases, WHO COVID technical head Maria Van Kerkhove warned on Tuesday that this new Coronavirus variant isn’t just a ‘common cold.’

As the highly transmissible Omicron variant causes a massive increase in cases around the world, WHO COVID-19 technical head Maria Van Kerkhove warned on Tuesday that this new variant was not just a “common cold.” Maria Van took to Twitter to say that while the Omicron virus causes less serious illness than other strains, too many people are being hospitalised and dying as a result of it. She went on to say that by ensuring vaccine equity, infections could be avoided. Vaccine equity ensures that COVID-19 vaccines are distributed fairly and widely to all populations, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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Maria Van Kerkhove says, “Omicron is NOT the common cold.”

Technical Director Warns As Cases Rise
Technical Director Warns As Cases Rise

“The common cold is NOT Omicron. While some studies show that Omicron has a lower risk of hospitalisation than Delta, there are still far too many people infected, sick, and dying from Omicron (& Delta). Now is the time to prevent infections and save lives “, she wrote on Twitter.

WHO ‘The pandemic could end in 2022,’ says COVID’s technical director.

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Experts predict that COVID will be declared “non-pandemic” by 2022, owing to increased global vaccination rates and the introduction of antiviral COVID pills that could become more widely available next year, according to a study published on Mckinsey. Instead, the virus will almost certainly become “endemic,” meaning that it will become less severe and fade into the background of daily life. Several influenza strains have followed a similar pattern over the last century or so, from the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 to the swine flu pandemic of 2009. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID, like the flu, will likely remain dangerous until the pandemic is over.

Earlier Maria Van Kerkhove predicted that the pandemic would be eradicated globally by 2022 in December 2021. The pandemic has spread across the globe, and everyone is suffering as a result. As people battled the Delta variant in November, a new COVID variant, Omicron, emerged. She said during the WHO Q&A session, “With the tools we have now, we can end the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022. COVID-19 can be made to live again.”

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