Olivia Black Was Fired From Pawn Stars: Know Real Reason

There are a variety of reasons why viewers have stuck with Pawn Stars on History for more than a decade at this point. Naturally, history buffs are intrigued by the slew of rare and valuable items that come into the shop on a regular basis, such as a humidor that once belonged to President John F. Kennedy. However, just like any other reality show, viewers are looking for drama among the cast, and that is never lacking at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Rick Harrison, his son Corey, and Corey’s friend Chumlee are the primary members of the management team at the store. Richard “Old Man” Harrison was also a big character on the show, but he passed away tragically in June of this year. These four got themselves into all kinds of scrapes with one another, and it was just as interesting to see them crack each other’s chops as it was to watch them bargain over a valuable antique.

Olivia Black
Olivia Black

Of course, it takes a large number of employees to manage a pawn shop, and over the course of the series, a number of minor crew members have appeared and disappeared from the show. Despite the fact that she hasn’t appeared on Pawn Stars in years, Olivia Black continues to be one of the most popular members of the team. Olivia joined the business in 2012 but was fired from the show after only appearing in thirteen episodes. For those of you who were curious about what happened to Black after Corey and Chumlee developed such a strong attachment to her, here’s your answer.

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When images of Olivia Black became public, she was fired from on-camera appearances

As is the case with any other television series, there are some regulations that the cast must adhere to. One of these is that Rick Harrison and his team are occasionally required to purchase products that they would not ordinarily acquire in order for the show to be more interesting. According to what I can tell, there is also a restriction that you are not permitted to have any racy images of yourself circulate online. Olivia Black learnt this the hard way when old images of her time with the SuicideGirls surfaced online and she was swiftly fired from the series.

The production firm behind the show, Leftfield Pictures, fired her shortly after she joined the team because of her previous employment history, which prompted Black to file a complaint against the company shortly after (via Fox News). It should be noted that the case was filed solely against the production firm, and not against the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Even though she was able to continue working at the shop, she was unable to appear on camera. However, it wasn’t long before she decided to voluntarily leave that role as well.

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In the years since she was fired from the show, Black has returned to the subject matter that prompted her dismissal in the first place – pornographic content. Additionally, she’s done work as a go-go dancer and a cam girl, in addition to modelling once more for SuicideGirls. Given that she has an estimated net worth of $300,000, we’d say she hasn’t done too badly for herself in the wake of being passed over for the Pawn Stars role, at least financially.

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