Ola Scooter Owners Unhappy With Service

Ola scooter owners shut down showroom
Ola scooter owners shut down showroom

Ola scooter owners forcefully shut down a showroom in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra – As they are unhappy with Ola service experience

The Indian electric vehicle (EV) landscape has been evolving rapidly, with Ola Electric leading the charge in the 2W EV segment. However, recent events in Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra, have shed light on a significant issue concerning Ola electric scooter owners – unsatisfactory after-sales service. In a show of frustration and determination, a group of Ola scooter owners forcefully shut down an Ola showroom in Ichalkaranji, highlighting the urgent need for improvement in customer service.

Ola Scooter Owners Demand for Better Service

When customers invest in a product, they not only expect a quality product but also reliable after-sales service. The protest at the Ola showroom in Ichalkaranji underscores the disappointment faced by Ola scooter owners in the region due to subpar service experiences. Ola scooter owners from other cities have raised similar issues on social media. The sheer number of participants in the protest indicates that this is not an isolated incident but a systemic problem plaguing Ola’s service center across multiple cities.

Ola scooter owner complains on social media regarding service
Ola scooter owner complains on social media regarding service

Ola scooter owners participating in the demonstration voiced their frustrations and demanded better service or, in some cases, the complete cessation of Ola’s sales and services in the region. These dissatisfied owners cited numerous grievances, including prolonged repair times, unsatisfactory solutions, and a lack of benefits from Ola’s extended warranty, Care+ Plan, and Roadside Assistance (RSA) program.

One of the most significant complaints from RSA subscribers was the inconvenience of having to bring their vehicles to the service center themselves and then wait for extended periods for the repairs to be completed. This contradicts the very essence of an RSA program, which is designed to provide prompt assistance in times of need.

Communication breakdown also played a crucial role in the dissatisfaction of Ola scooter owners. Many claimed that their attempts to reach out to Ola management through tweets, emails, and phone calls went unanswered. Additionally, delays in obtaining spare parts, exacerbated by the manufacturing location in Bengaluru, have led to makeshift solutions instead of proper fixes.

Ola scooter owner complains on social media regarding service
Ola scooter owner complains on social media regarding service

Furthermore, there appears to be an issue with the presence of service managers at the Ola service center in Ichalkaranji, particularly a manager named Suraj Mane, who is allegedly seldom available to address customer concerns. Owners asserted that the service center is predominantly staffed by technicians, creating a disconnect between customers and the management.

A Forceful Message

The protest in Ichalkaranji was a desperate cry for attention from Ola Electric. Dissatisfied scooter owners felt that the service experience they received was far from acceptable. By forcefully closing the shutters of the Ola showroom, they want to send a message that they would rather halt sales than continue purchasing vehicles when service quality is lacking.

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