Ola Electric Scooter Front Fork Issue

Even though Ola has been registering strong growth, it continues to be plagued by both software and hardware issues

Ola Electric Scooter Front Fork breaks while riding
Ola Electric Scooter Front Fork breaks while riding

In a recent incident involving Ola S1 Pro, the rider suffered serious injuries when the front fork suspension broke off. The owner claimed that the mechanical failure occurred when the scooter’s speed was just 35 kmph. However, as per Ola’s preliminary investigation, it is claimed that the incident actually involved a high-impact road accident.

It is to note that several other users have reported similar cases of front forks breaking off. However, as earlier cases did not involve any major mishaps, they were not widely covered. Not many people were aware of this issue.

Latest incident of Ola electric scooter
Latest incident of Ola electric scooter

Ola’s official statement

The recent case was different, as the rider had suffered life threatening injuries and was admitted to ICU. In its official statement, Ola has stated that they have provided all the necessary support to the family of the rider involved in the accident. Ola has also informed that the rider is safe and is recovering.

Talking about the incident, Ola says that vehicle safety and quality standards are their highest priority. Top-spec Ola S1 Pro electric scooter has the highest quality standards in all aspects. Moreover, it has been tested across challenging terrains and all-weather conditions. The scooter has been rigorously tested for more than 5 million km.

Ola Electric official statement
Ola Electric official statement

Ola’s view about the front fork breakage issue is that such cases are rare and involve high impact accidents. Ola has more than 1.5 lakh scooters on the roads and only a few had the front fork issue. Ola says that the front fork arm has been tested with loads that are 80% more than the loads usually encountered by such scooters.

However, as a precautionary measure and to assure community members, Ola has offered to get the scooters checked via their service network. Ola has also urged users to follow road safety protocols and wear a helmet.

Possibility of manufacturing defects?

As other users have also reported similar cases, it is possible that a specific batch of front forks may have manufacturing defects. Some people are also pointing fingers at the fact that Ola S1 and S1 Pro have only a single fork setup. However, Ola has already clarified that the front fork has been adequately tested.

Change Org has highlighted the Ola scooter issue after the recent incident.
Change Org has highlighted the Ola scooter issue after the recent incident.

A more detailed investigation needs to be done, as breaking of front suspension is not a common phenomenon. If we consider popular scooters like Honda Activa, there’s hardly any reported case of front fork breaking off. Even in accident cases, the front forks don’t just break off. This is true even when the scooter may be badly mangled.

We pray for the speedy recovery of the rider and hope that such incidents do not occur again. Ola Electric needs to get to the bottom of these incidents and take appropriate measures to ensure that their scooters are completely safe.

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