Oh dear me! This 40 year old man swallowed many things including nuts, bolts, earphones, then what happened…

Deepak Singla/Moga. A very surprising news has come from Medicity Hospital in Moga. A metal object was found in the stomach of a 40 year old man. After about 3 hours of operation, the entire item was taken out. Doctors told that it includes more than 70 things including ear phones, Rakhadiya, nut bolt, locket, screw, magnet.

Director of the hospital, Dr. Ajmer Kalra told that the person was suffering from stomach pain since last 2 years. When this patient came to him yesterday, he was having stomach pain, fever and frequent vomiting. After this, when X-ray and scan were done, surprising things came to light. There were many types of metal objects in the stomach. Apart from nuts and bolts, screws, nuts, lockets, earphones, magnets, there were many other things in it.

The doctor said that this was the first such case in his career and in his hospital. He told that after a successful operation of 3 hours, all this stuff was taken out. However, due to this stuff being in his stomach for a long time, his condition is still not good. The family members, while not coming in front of the camera, told that he was suffering from stomach ache for 2 to 2.5 years, but he did not tell anyone. When the pain increased and he couldn’t sleep, he took him to the doctor, but there was no difference.

patient mentally disturbed
After this, he started having severe stomach pain and fever and then he came to Moga. When the doctor did an X-ray, it was found that there was a lot of stuff in the stomach. Then his operation was done. The family says that they don’t know how he ate all this. He told that his son was also mentally disturbed.

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