Odisha wins the most medals in National Skill Competition

At the IndiaSkills 2021 National Competition, held in New Delhi from January 7 to 9, Odisha led the medal table with 51 winners, followed by Maharashtra with 30 and Kerala with 25.

Odisha took home 10 gold medals, 18 silver medals, nine bronze medals, and 14 medallions in the country’s greatest skill competition, which ended on Monday. Concrete construction work, beauty therapy, automobile painting, health and social care, visual merchandising, graphic design technology, wall and floor tiling, and welding were among the 54 abilities demonstrated during the closed-door competition.

National Skill Competition
National Skill Competition

There were 59 gold medalists with a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, 73 silver medalists with a prize money of Rs 75,000, and 53 bronze medalists with a cash prize of Rs 50,000 among the more than 150 winners. The medallion of excellence was awarded to more than 50 contestants.

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According to official sources, the national winners of IndiaSkills 2021 will compete in the WorldSkills International Competition in Shanghai, China in October 2022.

During the months of October and December last year, four regional contests were organised in the East (Patna), West (Gandhinagar), North (Chandigarh), and South (Visakhapatnam). Participants for the regionals were chosen through competitions held at the district and state levels between August and September 2021, with over 2.5 lakh people registering.

The champions of IndiaSkills 2021 Nationals would receive intensive training before competing at WorldSkills Shanghai, China.

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