Now you may see The Most Detailed Map of the Moon Ever Made

Chinese scientists have constructed the most comprehensive geologic map of the entire lunar surface to date, with a scale of 1 to 2,500,000.

The journal Science Bulletin has accepted for publication a research on the moon map titled “The 1:2,500,000-scale geologic map of the worldwide moon.”

The largest and most detailed map of the lunar surface has been generated by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutes. To cover the Moon’s surface, one of the many prior geologic maps of the lunar surface knits together six distinct 1:5,000,000 scale maps. However, since its inception, our understanding of the lunar surface has grown tremendously.

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The researchers doubled the resolution by creating a geologic map with a 1:2,500,000 scale. They did it by dividing the Moon into 30 quadrangles, each of which could be mapped individually using a consistent method.

Previously, many of the United States Geological Survey’s (USGS) geology maps of the Moon were developed by different organisations at different times and with different standards, resulting in discrepancies and misunderstanding.

Data from over twenty spacecraft sent to the Moon by nations throughout the world since the 1990s is included in the new map. The researchers were limited in their scale with the new map due to the resolution of the datasets from these missions, but the outcome is nonetheless amazing.

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