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East Asian nation North Korea, commonly known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), is regarded as one of the most oppressive countries in the world. This authoritarian state, ruled by Kim Jong-un, denies residents their fundamental liberties and enforces strict rules. This nation is off-limits to casual tourists and it’s quite uncommon to even see a photo from there on social media.  

Every sphere of society, from the economy to the political system, everything is under the government’s control. Besides all the challenges faced by North Korea, it has made some progress in education and health. The major concern of the international community is human rights.

International Calls Are Crime

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In North Korea, making international calls or even calling a foreigner there is illegal, thus locals are not allowed to do either. All local SIM cards only permit domestic calls.

No Blue Jeans

If you can buy jeans, you may wear them, but they must be black; blue jeans are forbidden because they are seen to represent imperialism.

No To Foreign Music And Movies 

Foreign music and films are not permitted in North Korea and both are seen as illegal activities. 

No Access To Wifi

There is essentially no Wi-Fi. You cannot even access “Kwangmyong” on a mobile device. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not included in the Chinese tablets that were produced for North Korea.

No Suicide

A family could be punished as a whole if one member commits suicide. If someone commits a crime, their entire family will be held accountable for it.

Bible Is Ban

The Bible is prohibited because it has the power to transform individuals and is considered a symbol of Western culture. 

Unique Calendar

The Juche calendar is the one used in North Korea. It begins with the birthdate of their cherished revolutionary Kim II Sung, which is April 15, 1912.

No Sleep During Meeting With Dictator

To fall asleep during a meeting is considered an indication of disloyalty to Kim Jong-un and is punishable by death. 

No Creative Hair Cut

Make sure you choose one of the 28 hairstyles that the government has allowed if you need a haircut. All other hairstyles are not permitted in North Korea, thus both men and women are compelled to wear one of the 28 sanctioned official haircuts.

No Insults With Dictator And His Family

Every North Korean is required to swear devotion and duty to Kim Jong-un, his family, and the government in order to live under his reign. The North Korean government considers any action that could be seen as an insult to the Kim family to be a curse and severely punishes offenders. Both tourists and North Korean immigrants can say this.

Not Allowed To Leave The Nation

North Korean citizens are prohibited from leaving the nation, and border guards will shoot anyone caught trying to do so without proper documentation.

The most severe punishment is nearly usually death for those who try to escape or hide from Kim’s dictatorial regime. There are restrictions on domestic travel as well. You need permission to travel to another town or hamlet to see family.

Power Cuts

Due to the country’s ongoing energy problems, North Koreans regularly face power shortages. In addition, using electricity requires a permit, and owning a microwave is forbidden.

Compulsory Military Services

The military is a requirement for all citizens of North Korea. It lasts ten years for men and seven years for women.


Traveling should be avoided in North Korea as it has an unstable security situation brought on by North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program and very oppressive regime.


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