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Airlines are in the news for all the wrong reasons these days. While Air India and SpiceJet have gained their equal share of controversies, IndiGo is joining the bandwagon too, as an irked passenger tweeted about the absence of a first aid kit onboard the flight. A Mumbai resident was travelling via IndiGo to Aurangabad when he got injured mid-air. As the cabin crew opened the overhead bin, a walking stick fell out of it and hit the man’s lips. Upon asking for a first aid kit or ice pack, the passenger was informed there wasn’t anything from the two he inquired about. Furthermore, he was given a pack of Paper Boat juice to dab his lips.

He tweeted, “I was travelling to Aurangabad today from Mumbai via IndiGo; the flight attendant opened the overhead bin and a walking stick fell on my face and hit my lip. They did not have ice or first aid. They just gave me a paper boat juice pack to dab. Highly irresponsible.”

Well, the airline did comment on the traveller’s post. The comment read, “It is certainly not good to hear. We hope you’re feeling better. Please DM us your PNR & contact details along with a suitable time for us to connect with you.” It is nothing but a plain-jane way of tackling a serious situation.

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Since the post gathered a lot of attention, it also caught the eyes of M.N.C D.E.F, public redressal forum. The forum commented, “It is shocking to witness that IndiGo flights do not keep basic first aid kits in the event of unforeseen circumstances. This amounts to deficiency of services under the consumer protection act in addition to other legal violations.”

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