Nitish Kumar is going to be the next President of the country? Know what BJP and JDU have to say

President Election 2022: The dates for the country’s presidential election have been set. Since then, there has been a frenzy of debate in Bihar’s political corridors. Political commentators have already begun to speculate. What are the opinions of Bihar’s political pundits, and what are the current debates?

The presidential election dates have been announced in Patna. The date for voting has been set for July 18. The outcome will be announced on July 21. Nominations will be accepted until June 29. The Election Commission has provided this information. Every step of the presidential election will be videotaped, according to the commission. Since the Election Commission’s announcement, Bihar’s speculation market has exploded. Political commentators have already begun to speculate.

In fact, for the past few days, there has been a lot of closeness in the relationship between the BJP and the JDU. When both parties have completely opposing viewpoints on many issues, such sweetness is evident. Now, for those who follow Bihar politics, the question will undoubtedly be what name should be given to ‘this love’! Is Nitish Kumar going to be the country’s next President?

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Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

Gadkari was effusive in his praise. Nitish

Nitin Gadkari, who had come to attend a program two days before, lavished praise on Nitish Kumar. He claimed that the Centre’s Narendra Modi government and Bihar’s Nitish Kumar government are working together to develop the state. He made praise bridges. Nitish Kumar was also expected to be late. He praised the federal government, saying that they are fully cooperating with us. Bihar is constantly improving. Roads are being constructed. During this time, he did, however, reflect on the previous administration. He claimed that since the formation of his government, roads have been greatly improved. Previously, the goal was to arrive in Patna in 6 hours from the farthest reaches of Bihar. He is now five years old. With the help of the central government, efforts are being made to reduce it even more.

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