Nissan Magnite 2 Variants Discontinued; Price Increase Up To Rs 42k

Nissan has dropped two Magnite variants from its lineup: the XV Premium and XL Turbo CVT.

Nissan has had a difficult time in India in recent years. The Micra, Sunny, Terrano, and Kicks models didn’t sell as well as the company had hoped. Even the high-performance sports coupe GT-R, which is regarded as a fantastic value proposition around the world, couldn’t save the brand in India. Nissan also introduced low-cost vehicles under the Datsun brand, but this did not help, and Datsun was recently phased out. According to reports, Magnite was their last resort. And it was successful.

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The Magnite is the first product to be released as part of Nissan’s NEXT transformation strategy. Magnite is credited with saving Nissan in India on his own. According to Nissan’s social media accounts, the SUV has just passed the 1 lakh booking mark.

Magnite struck the perfect balance in every way. SUV for the price of a hatchback? Check. Is there enough space, features, and comfort? Check. Is it true that the Global NCAP crash safety rating is four stars? Check. Inside-out bold, head-turning looks? Check. Low maintenance and operating costs combined with efficiency? Check. Is there a turbocharged petrol engine option? Check. Magnite quickly became one of India’s most popular and sought-after automobiles.

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Prices for Nissan Magnite in June 2022

Nissan Magnite will see its third price increase in 2022. The first price increase took place in January, the second in April, and the third in June. Nissan has also discontinued two of its variants as a result of the recent price hike, owing to low demand. The XV Premium and XL Turbo CVT variants are no longer available. Prannoy Ghosh of Prannoy Ghosh of Prannoy Ghosh of Prannoy Ghosh of Prannoy Ghosh of Prannoy G

Aside from the two variants mentioned above, the price increase affects all of Magnite’s variants. The price of the base XE variant increased by Rs. 2,901 from Rs. 5,84,999 to Rs. 5,87,900 (ex-sh), a mere 0.5 percent increase. The XL variant saw a 0.50 percent increase in price from Rs. 6,76,499 to Rs. 6,79,900.

The Magnite XV Executive variant was recently released and costs Rs. 7,05,900. The XV variant saw a 1.82 percent increase in price from Rs. 7,29,000 to Rs. 7,42,300. The XL Turbo saw the smallest increase of 0.37 percent, from Rs. 7,89,999 to Rs. 7,92,900. The price of the XV Turbo variant has increased by 4% to Rs. 33,801 (from Rs. 8,43,999 to Rs. 8,77,800). The price of the XV Premium Turbo has increased by 1% to Rs. 9,201, up from Rs. 9,23,899 to Rs. 9,33,100.

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The XV Turbo CVT has the highest price increase, up 4.5 percent to Rs. 41,701 from Rs. 9,25,999 to Rs. 9,67,700. The top-spec XV Premium Turbo CVT has been raised by 2% to Rs. 20,001, up from Rs. 9,99,999 to Rs. 10,20,000. Despite the price increase, no changes to the specifications or feature list have been made.

Competition & Pricing

Despite the price increase, Nissan’s small SUV is one of India’s most VFM options. Nissan is offering an SUV for the price of a premium hatchback with the Magnite. Magnite makes sense for India’s SUV-obsessed population. Nissan’s sister brand Renault shares Magnite’s platform in the form of Kiger, which brings a European flair to the market. Magnite only competes with the Renault Kiger and Tata Punch despite being a sub-4-metre SUV. The rest of the sub-4m SUVs are in a higher price range.

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