Nirhua said this after Pawan Singh’s Lulia married someone else

Who among us hasn’t heard of Bhojpuri superstar and powerstar Pawan Singh? If you are unfamiliar with them, let us briefly describe them. Pawan Singh is a well-known actor in the Bhojpuri film industry. Children, young and old, are all fans of his acting and voice. His fans come from all over the world. Pawan Singh is a huge celebrity, but something else is going on in his life right now. They are now sharing their anguish and sad stories on social media. Let us tell you today what is going on in Pawan Singh’s life.

Lulia, Pawan Singh’s daughter, married someone else

In the year 2020, Bhojpuri’s most popular film Satya featured a song called “Luliya Ka Mangele.” This song was such a hit that the heroine in the role of Lulia was given the name Lulia Hi. This song by Luliya Ka Mangele was not only a hit in 2020, but it is still a super hit with millions of listeners. People in Lulia songs adore the duo of Pawan Singh and Luliya aka Nidhi Jha.

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Nidhi Jha married
Nidhi Jha married

Let us inform you that Pawan Singh has married for the second time, and this marriage is now in jeopardy because the matter has escalated between the two husband and wife over some mutual disagreements, and both have decided to divorce. Pawan Singh’s Lulia has married Yash Kumar Mishra, a well-known Bhojpuri hero, while Pawan Singh is left alone by his wife.

Lulia’s marriage was congratulated by Amarpali and Nirahua

On May 02, 2022, Nidhi Jha and Yash Kumar Mishra, better known as Bhojpuri actress Luliya, married. Both actors have shared their first photo with their life partner on social media following their marriage. Since then, many Bhojpuri actors have congratulated Nidhi Jha and Yash Kumar Mishra on their marriage. Meanwhile, Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua congratulated Nidhi Jha and Yash Kumar, saying, “God bless you both, always be together,” and Amarpali congratulated them as well.

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