Next-Generation Mercedes-AMG C63 Shown in Pre-Production Form

With a global debut in the coming months, the all-new Mercedes-AMG C63 will switch to a four-cylinder hybrid powertrain.

At the 24 Hours of Nurburgring in Germany, the all-new Mercedes-AMG C63 was unveiled in pre-production form. For the next generation, the popular BMW M3 rival will switch from a V8 to a four-cylinder hybrid, which will be unveiled globally in the coming months.

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  • New C63 will have the most powerful 4-cyl engine
  • Expected to have a total power output of around 680hp
  • To get all-wheel drive and AMG-specific styling 

Mercedes-AMG C63 Next Generation: Cleaner, Greener, and more Powerful

The C63 will be the first AMG model to use a four-cylinder hybrid drivetrain rather than the company’s traditional V8 powertrain. The car will be the first in a series of future AMG models to get an electric version of Mercedes’ new 2.0-liter turbocharged M139 engine.

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In non-electrified form, the potent four-cylinder engine in the new Mercedes-AMG A 45 and its related siblings produces a maximum of 421hp. The unit is already designed for longitudinal installation and mild-hybrid electric boosting. In fact, a modified version of this engine will be used in the next-generation Mercedes-AMG C43.

Mercedes confirmed to our sister publication Autocar UK that the petrol engine for the new C63 has been tuned to produce 476hp, making it the most powerful four-cylinder engine in series production. It will then be paired with a 204hp electric motor on the rear axle, which Mercedes refers to as the ‘P1′ drivetrain, for a total output of 680hp, which is 169hp more than the BMW M3. Despite a 50% reduction in swept capacity and cylinder count, this is the case. Mercedes’ nine-speed torque-converter MCT Speedshift gearbox will also be used with the new EQ Boost hybrid drivetrain. The entire C-Class lineup is powered by electrified four-cylinder engines, with plug-in and mild-hybrid technology being rolled out across the board for improved efficiency and lower emissions.

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Mercedes-Benz appears to have made the decision to give the C63 4Matic four-cylinder power as part of its rapidly escalating efforts to reduce fleet CO2 emissions while leveraging engineering lessons learned during the development of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar.

The next-generation C63 was on display at the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring over the weekend, clearly distinguishing itself from the standard Mercedes C-Class with an aggressive body kit, chunky AMG sports alloy wheels (covering the requisite drilled and ventilated brake discs), and a beefy quad-exit exhaust, as reported by our sister publication Autocar UK.

For The First Time, The Mercedes-AMG C63 will be Available with All-Wheel Drive

Furthermore, the new powerplant’s weight is distributed more evenly, assisting efforts to lower the new model’s center of gravity, theoretically improving agility and body control. A new four-wheel drive system with fully variable power distribution front to rear is in the works for the next-generation C63 4Matic. As a result, AMG will be able to engineer the new model with rear-wheel-drive capabilities in certain driving modes, similar to the Mercedes-AMG E 63. Due to customer demand for all-wheel drive, AMG has stated that all of its next-generation models will use this system and will move away from pure rear-drive models.

In India, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has just gone on sale. The all-new AMG C63 is expected to arrive on our shores next year.

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