New Rider Electric Motorcycle With 140 Km Range

Owing to its hub-mounted motor, Rider SR6 boasts a staggering 118 Nm of torque available from zero RPM

New Rider Electric Motorcycle
New Rider Electric Motorcycle

In India, we get motorcycles from various companies. Most of them are either Indian or Japanese. Brands like Ducati, Aprilia, Vespa, Triumph and the likes hail from the old continent. Then there are Harley-Davidson and Indian from the land of the free and lastly, we have Benelli, Keeway, QJ and Zontes and the likes from dragon land.

We don’t get French Motorcycles here. Never have. Should that be the case? Or do we need French brands like Rider to launch its fully-faired electric motorcycle range in India? Considering that 2W EV scene in India is growing by the day and more players are pooling in, should Rider make an entry?

New Rider Electric Motorcycle

That is not happening anytime soon. But, let’s take a look at what we would get if it does launch in India. If launched, it would be a fitting rival to recently launched enthusiast EV Ultraviolette F77.

There is a lot to like about Rider SR6. Design-wise, there are a lot of inspirations drawn from Yamaha’s YZF range. It shows especially in its front fascia. The fairing is neatly executed and features vents to cool down its batteries. Speaking of, the battery pack is mounted low on its frame, to bring its center of gravity lower.

New Rider Electric Motorcycle
New Rider Electric Motorcycle

Battery is exposed lower down, aiding in cooling, while motor is a hub unit built into its rear wheel. This motor is from renowned EV component manufacturer, QS Motor brand. It generates 5 kW of continuous power (6.7 bhp) and peaks out at 6 kW (8.04 bhp). Even though SR6’s power is in line with what a 125cc category motorcycle produces, torque is not.

At 118 Nm, it has a lot of torque and that too, at 0 RPM. Torque measurement method differs with hub-mounted motors and always boasts a higher number. Regardless, top speed is pegged at 74.5 Mph (120 km/h). Power is drawn from a 72 V and 86 Ah battery. This combination works out to a capacity of a 6.192 kWh battery pack.

At a steady 80 km/h speed, Rider SR6 is claimed to travel 100 km on a single charge. If driven with a light throttle at 50 km/h, Rider claims 140 km of range from a single charge. With a 220V normal household socket, charging time is 9 hours, but it does support type 2 socket for fast charging too.

New Rider Electric Motorcycle
New Rider Electric Motorcycle

Specs & Features

In terms of componentry, Rider SR6 fully-faired electric motorcycle has a lot to offer. There are clip-on handlebars with low-slung and committed riding posture. Footpegs are rear set too. At front, we have dual 300 mm brake rotors and a 240 mm disc at the rear. USD front forks take care of suspending the front, while the rear gets a mono-shock.

Rear suspension gets adjustability with an external rotary dial. No need for screw drivers for this task. Front USD forks seem to be adjustable too, but can’t be said for sure. What is sure, though, is Rider SR6’s price tag. It starts from EUR 7190 (approx Rs. 6.4 lakh). At this price before taxes and import duties, it almost doesn’t make sense as Ultraviolette F77 costs between Rs. 3.8 lakh to Rs. 5.5 lakh.

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