New COVID Vaccine Trial Begins; Targets New Variants

Professor Jonathan Heeney of Cambridge University has started a needle-free COVID-19 vaccine trial to protect against future COVID variants.

A trial of the COVID-19 vaccine without the use of needles has started. This new vaccine’s goal is to protect humans in the United Kingdom from future COVID variants. According to BBC reports, the vaccine was developed by Prof Jonathan Heeney of Cambridge University and DIOSynVax CEO. The study will take place at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Southampton Clinical Research Facility, and participants will be between the ages of 18 and 50.

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Prof. Heeney stated that better COVID protection is needed as new variants emerge and immunity begins to wane. He claims that the vaccine, which uses cutting-edge technology to combat the disease, could provide far more protection against COVID variants than currently available. He went on to say that continuing to develop new generation vaccines is critical in order to protect the public from future virus threats.

The researchers believe that this will improve protection.
According to the BBC, he also stated that this is the first step toward developing a universal Coronavirus vaccine that will protect people from not only current COVID-19 variants but also “future Coronaviruses.” COVID-19 vaccines currently use genes derived from the virus spike protein to encode antigens that cause the immune system to produce antibodies. This new vaccine, on the other hand, employs predictive approaches to imitate the larger family of Coronavirus antigens, with the hope of providing increased protection.

 COVID Vaccine Begins
COVID Vaccine Begins

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It is injected into the skin using a spring-powered jet injection, making it a safe alternative to needle-based injections for those who are afraid of them. According to the BBC, Prof Saul Faust, director of the NIHR Southampton Clinical Research Facility, says this isn’t just another Coronavirus vaccine. He went on to say that this technology has the potential to protect a large number of people all over the globe. He also mentioned that they are seeking public help in developing this potentially game-changing vaccine.

The trial is looking for volunteers from the surrounding areas.
The trial is looking for volunteers from the Southampton area, England. According to the BBC, they needed to have received their first two COVID-19 vaccines but not their booster in order to participate in the trial. According to Prof. Heeney, the vaccine is unique in both how it primes the immune system to respond with a larger protective response to Coronaviruses and how it is administered.

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