New and Improved QJMotor 600RR Recently Unveiled, and It may One Day Inspire The Development of The Benelli Tornado

The visual updates on the updated QJMotor 600RR appear to be influenced by other manufacturers.

For the 2022 model, Chinese motorcycle manufacturer QJMotor has completely overhauled the 600RR motorcycle. The 600RR was QJMotor’s first four-cylinder product, debuting two years ago and wrapping the TNT600i’s underpinnings in a fully-faired sportsbike offering.

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Design and Dimensions of The 2022 600RR

The newly redesigned front fascia has a strong Ducati vibe to it, especially with those carbon-effect winglets, and the side profile looks a lot like the Honda CBR650R sold in India. This is the latest example of Chinese brands ‘borrowing’ design elements from established two-wheeler manufacturers.

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The new bodywork has helped the 600RR lose 2kg in weight, bringing the dry weight down to 213kg, which is still a little more than the Honda CBR650R. The fuel tank has been increased by 1.6 litres, bringing the total capacity to an impressive 18 litres. The 600RR’s tail rises 50mm higher than the rest of the bike, following the modern-era sportbike trend of sharper and higher tail sections. However, the rider’s seat has been moved 10mm closer to the ground, resulting in a more comfortable 800mm seat height. The use of full LED lighting is required.

The winglets, according to QJMotor, aren’t just for show; they provide 5kg to 6kg of downforce at 150kmph, as well as improved stability at higher speeds.

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Subtle Changes Under The Skin in The Year 2022 600RR

The engine receives a small boost in power and torque, while the chassis remains unchanged. This is owing to a redesigned exhaust system with lower back pressure and a 5% decrease in internal engine friction. 87.2hp (up from 81hp) and 56Nm (up from 52Nm) are now available at 11,500rpm and 10,500rpm, respectively.

With a (non-adjustable) upside-down KYB front fork and an adjustable monoshock at the rear, the equipment level is quite impressive. Dual 4-piston radially mounted Brembo calipers at the front, paired with a radial master cylinder, and a single two-piston caliper at the back, with dual-channel ABS as standard, handle braking duties. Traction control, riding modes, and a quickshifter are all available, though the latter only works on upshifts.

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The QJ comes with a 5-inch TFT display that shows the traction control level and selected rider modes, as well as a USB-C port.

600RR: A Benelli Derivative is in The Works

QJMotor is Benelli’s parent company, and it’s very likely that the 600RR will serve as the foundation for a new Benelli model. Previous Benelli teasers have revealed a name: Tornado 650R, and it’s possible that this will be based on the QJMotor 600RR with a small displacement bump.

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Because it did not meet the stricter Euro-5/BS6 emission norms, Benelli discontinued the popular TNT600i in India. The TNT600i was a big hit in India thanks to its low price and inline four engine, so a new, emissions-compliant version will be sure to find a lot of buyers if it’s priced right.

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