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Nevertheless Episode 5 Release Date, Preview, Recap, How To Watch And More

In today’s article we will talk about still Episode 5 release date, and preview. You’ll also find detailed how and where to watch Still episodes, Episode 4 recaps and more below.

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still, is the latest South Korean drama based on a popular Manhwa, Or the webtoon, of the same name. It follows the story of Yoo Nabi and Park Jae Eon. Both of them are art students at the university. While both Nabi and Jay Eon are of the same age, Nabi is one year ahead of Jay Eon. Recently her boyfriend has cheated on her. And it is very clear that the prophet is actively looking for love.

On the other hand Park J Eon is a bubbly chocolaty boy who is loved by everyone. In fact, he is easily the most popular guy in his department. However, even though we’re almost halfway through the series, viewers are still in the dark about Jay Eon’s past or background. And it seems as though, with each new episode, the mysterious air surrounding Jay Eon is getting heavier as fewer things are understood about him. What is the significance of his neck tattoo? Who is Seoul-A? Why does everyone say that Jay Eon isn’t committed to girls? Well, hopefully we will get the answers to these questions soon. In the meantime, read on to know more about still, Episode 5 release date and preview.

Still, episode 5 release date and preview

Nevertheless, episode 5 will be released 11 PM KST On July 17, 2021. You can watch it on Netflix from anywhere in the world right after it airs on South Korea’s JTBC channel. Get a detailed preview of still, Episode 5 below.

in the future still, Episode 5, we will see that the story takes a completely different turn. When we saw Nabi and Jae Eon getting closer to each other than ever before, we thought maybe they were finally happily going by their side. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. It seems like I still, Episode 5, Jay Eon and Nabi are not even talking to each other. On the other hand, we catch a small glimpse of Do Hyok’s prophet applying lipstick. Now, what on earth could this mean?

Confused about who Do Hyok is? Well let’s go into detail still, Episode 4 recap to find out. But before that, here’s one more thing you can expect still, Episode 5 – Life and development in Yol’s friendship. We saw a big field between these two still, Episode 3. However, there was not much development on this front in the previous episodes. Read on to know more about still, Episode 4 recap.

Still Episode 4: Recap

fourth episode of still, It’s called ‘I Know It Ain’t Love, Still’. This episode starts right where the last one ended. We see the prophet in Jae Eon’s embrace as the two share an intimate moment. Both say that they want to be like this for the whole day. However, this is not possible so Jae Eon wakes up to take a bath. Before leaving for college, Jae Eon notices the shirt given to the prophet at his apartment. He lets her take it. He also tells the prophet that he wants to keep seeing him.

For the rest of the episode, Nabi and Jay Eon spend a lot of time with each other. Most of the nights, Jeon is in Nabi’s apartment. Other than that, their relationship is strictly physical. However, they both have established happy chemistry between them, which makes you think that they are a couple. In fact, after Nabi has a bad birthday experience at her mother’s house, she spends the rest of the day exploring Seoul with Jae Eon. However, it is not Jae Eon who makes her last wish. This is because Jae Eon gets a call from Seoul-A and must leave. In fact, it is Doo Hyok.

Still, episode 5

While the story makes Do Hyok’s character a little clearer to the audience, it is still a mystery as to who Seoul-A possibly is. Looks like he has some history with Jay Eon. In fact, one would even think that the thought of the prophet and Jeon together makes him uncomfortable. But we can’t say anything for sure, at least till the story progresses.

Prophet’s Pre Show Up

Jae Eon gifted the prophet a dress for his birthday. He also insists that she wear it the next day. Meanwhile, some of his friends see Nabi and Jae Eon getting closer to each other in public. Rumors quickly spread, and the prophet overhears some of the boys talking about Jay Eon’s inability to commit. Interestingly, in this episode we get a glimpse of the prophet’s former companion. He has the audacity to wait for her outside her apartment and begs her not to be with Jay Eon. Apparently, some of his students informed him about the two of them dating. For some time the prophet took him off his shoes. But, somewhere in his mind rumors haunt him.

When the prophet goes to Jeon to talk to him about the incident, a car stops in front of him and a man starts hitting Jeon. this is where still, Episode 4 ends. we will get more information still, Episode 5.

Still, episode 5 release date

In still, Episode 4, Nabi is reunited with someone who seems to have had a happy part of her past. It is revealed that the two Hyok and Nabi went to school together. In fact, the two have fond memories of a lot of childhood experiences spent at places like the beach and Do Hyok’s grandfather’s restaurant.

It is a chance encounter between the prophet and the two hyoks on the bus. Both are very happy to have greeted each other. They also exchange numbers. After Jae Eon leaves the prophet for Seoul-e, she goes to Do Hyok’s restaurant near their premises. There, she learns that Do Hyok graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts and is working as an apprentice in Seoul. He plans to reopen his grandfather’s restaurant at his original location. Du Hyok Nabi also makes seaweed soup and some sweets. We don’t actually see Do Hyok for very long in the episode. However, it is not difficult to understand that regardless of Do Hyok’s late entry into the main story, he is one of the male leads. still.

Still, Episode 5 Preview

In still, Episode 4, Kyu Hyun and Bitna’s friendship must stand the test of time. That’s because it is revealed that after the kiss that the two shared in episode 3, they became intimate with each other. Also, Kyu Hyun and Bitna aren’t quite as calm about it as Nabi and Jae Eon. Bitna tells him that it was a drunken mistake. Kyu Hyun gets mad and runs at it.

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Later, while Bitna is eating hangover soup at a restaurant, Kyu Hyun comes up to her and tells her that he just can’t pretend that nothing happened. That’s because Kyu Hyun has started liking biting. However, Bitana does not elicit the same sentiments. But, we also see that later when Kyu Hyun is on a date with another girl, Bitna tries to end her. It is too early to predict where this relationship will lead. But we can almost see the two of them finally ending up together. They would really make a very cute couple.

Still, episode 4 recap

life and friendship of sol

It seems like Jeevan is in no mood to forgive Sol anytime soon. Even after Sol apologizes, life sticks to its word. She is furious and decides to stay with Sol and so on. And, one could easily see that life here is not wrong. After all, she is Sol’s best friend. It was only natural that he expected to be informed of the big developments in Seoul’s life. It is still unclear why Seoul decided to hide its plans regarding the exchange program in the first place.

One can assume that some kind of romantic relationship may have developed between the two of Sol and Jeevan. However, it is too early to predict anything. We . Hope to know more in the upcoming episodes of still.


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