Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2: A Heartfelt Q&A

Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2 is a web series produced by Zee 5 and starring Nakuul Mehta and Anya Singh.

Tanie Brar is the sole subject (Anya Singh).

For all that it says, director Harsh Dedhia’s Tanie-Sumer (Nakuul Mehta) love story could have taken place in Patiala or Ludhiana.

Working women, women with brains, and women on boards may appear progressive on the surface, but they are essentially chick fare. Thus, even as business woman Lavanya (Sarah Jane Dias in a stern ponytail) battles against the odds to get her first web series off the ground and secure a spot on the board of directors, it is her writer Tanie’s wavering heart that consumes all the film.

The London setting exudes style, yet the method is reminiscent of last season’s Tanie and the 4th wall, which sees her speaking into the camera like Kevin Spacey in House Of Cards. “Sumer and I, maturely directing and writing,” Tanie will explain, in case you missed the point.

Five authors collaborate to create a standard romcom with bland language. “You’re my solace, just like rajma-chawal,” and “Here’s a nice tidbit” are all packaged as if they were from a Punjabi film. Tanie’s mother Happy (Nikki Walia) cooks, feeds, and meddles in other people’s romantic life, only to apologise in the last episode. Mama Bittu’s (Jaaved Jafferi) 30-year love tale leads him to restaurateur Sangeeta (Deepti Bhatnagar). Additionally, there are backdrop scores for Tanie-Karan, Sumer-Lavanya, and couples that date appearing befuddled.

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Tanie, a writer, and Sumer Singh Dhillon, a director, are pushed together by Lavanya, who must demonstrate her worth before her brother usurps her entire estate.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2
Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2

Lavanya’s predicament is overshadowed by the ups and downs of Tanie and Sumer’s romance when actor Karan (Karan Wahi) enters their realm. Soon, Tanie will have everything – friendship, love, a career that recognises her writing ability, and a family that is pure Punjabi mush.

However, she is the one who is depressed, in despair, caught in a bind, and in desperate need of emotional repair as she jabbers into the camera before grasping the meaning of love and friendship.

Lavanya’s programme is in serious difficulty, but nobody is in a hurry to fix it, because the focus has to be on Tanie and Uncle Bittu, Tanie and Sumer, Tanie and Karan, Tanie and the camera, with even time off for strained comedy with the oldies.

As childish as a schoolgirl’s crush, it is the young attractiveness of the trio, Anya, Nakuul, and Karan, that sustains the show over eight episodes.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2:

Never Kiss Your Best Friend 2

I only wish it was a little bit more substantial, unique, and certainly more amusing the next time.

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