Neha Kakkar Birthday: Neha Kakkar used to sing a song in Jagrate, today she is Bollywood’s top singer

Today, singing sensation Neha Kakkar is unconcerned with her identity. Due to his dedication and talent, he has carved out a niche in the music world. Neha celebrates her 34th birthday today (Neha Kakkar Birthday). Tell us some untold stories about her life on her birthday today.

neha kakkar birthday
neha kakkar birthday

Neha Kakkar was born in Rishikesh on June 6, 1988. Singer, on the other hand, had to deal with financial difficulties at the beginning. His family was claimed to be able to handle home expenses with a lot of hard work. This is why Neha Kakkar was unable to enroll in singing lessons due to a lack of funds. He has mastered the art of singing without having to learn it.

It’s worth noting that Neha Kakkar has loved singing since she was a child. In Jagrate or religious events, his sister Sonu Kakkar and brother Tony Kakkar used to sing songs. Neha Kakkar is claimed to have started singing at the age of four and used to sing in Jagrate with her siblings.

She went on to compete in the second season of ‘Indian Idol,’ but her luck was not on her side at the moment, and she did not win the competition, but she did win the hearts of the people. Because to Neha Kakkar’s brilliance, the singer who formerly lost the program is now a judge on the same show.

With her song ‘Second Hand’ Jawaani, Neha gained fame in Bollywood. This song is regarded as his first big smash. After then, he became well-known for the song “Sunny-Sunny” from the film Yaariyan. Throughout her career, Neha has lent her vocals to a number of songs. His music is among the most popular on the internet.

She is also known for her music CDs, in addition to her acting in films. Kala Chashma, Manali Trance, Aankh Mare, Kar Gayi Chul, Summer, Saki Saki, and other songs are among his most well-known.

In terms of her personal life, Neha Kakkar married singer Rohanpreet Singh. After dating for a few months, the two decided to marry. Rohanpreet is 6 years older than Neha. However, in the year 2020, the two of them married, and she has been living happily ever since.

neha kakkar and rohanpreet singh
neha kakkar and rohanpreet singh

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