NCC Cadets Will Receive Bonus Points Under The Agnipath Program: Lieutenant General Gurbir Singh

In the Agnipath recruitment programme, National Cadet Corps cadets will receive bonus points, according to NCC Director-General Lt Gen Gurbirpal Singh.

On Friday, June 24, Lieutenant General Gurbirpal Singh, the director general of the National Cadet Corps (NCC), announced that NCC cadets will receive extra points under the Agnipath programme.

The NCC cadets will be informed about the new recruitment scheme by its officers, he said, in order to ensure that young people enlist in the services in large numbers. He was speaking at the convocation ceremony for NCC women officers.

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Singh was greeted by female NCC officers at the NCC Officers’ Training Academy. 112 women from various parts of India became NCC officers after completing three months of training at the Gwalior academy.

Singh emphasised further that the women officers have a critical duty to shape young people into model citizens and expressed faith in their ability to do so admirably.

Lt Gen Singh stated that young people from various regions of India, primarily from rural areas, join the NCC and that after serving for four years, these young people will become ideal citizens.

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Agnipath Plan

On Tuesday, June 14, the Center unveiled its new Agnipath programme, which will recruit soldiers from all three services for a four-year period before forcing the majority of them into early retirement without gratuity or pension benefits.

The enrollment of the scheme, which will be all-India and all-class, and which will form a distinct rank in the armed forces, in addition to having distinctive insignia, was announced on Tuesday by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and the three service chiefs.

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