Natasa Stankovic – Hardik Pandya expecting a second child See Pic

Netizens react to Natasa Stankovic’s pregnancy with her second child after Hardik Pandya shares Christmas photos.

The latest social media photos of Hardik Pandya and Natasa Stankovic have sparked speculation that the couple is expecting again. Pandya shared several photos of his entire family enjoying a lavish Christmas celebration. Krunal Pandya and his wife were also seen posing for photographs. Behind them was also a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Is Natasa Stankovic Going to Have a Baby?

Everyone’s attention was drawn to Natasa Stankovic and her “baby bump.” Natasa’s pregnancy was suspected by netizens, who noticed a baby bump. “Is she expecting?” enquired one user. Another person inquired, “Hi Natasa ji, are you pregnant?” Another person inquired, “Is that a baby bump I see there?” Another said, “Hardik Pandya is too quick.”

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“Didn’t she just have a baby?” a netizen inquired. Another netizen enquired, “What’s with celebs and quick reproduction?” A social media user commented, “That’s definitely a baby bump.” “Wow, that was quick!” exclaimed another.

Hardik Pandya

Natasa And Hardik’s love story

“Natasa was completely unaware of who I was. I was able to persuade her to talk to me. Mom and dad had no idea, and Krunal had only found out two days before when I told him I was thinking about it (getting engaged). I told him I’d had enough of life. Someone I’ve found, who I genuinely adore, and with whom I believe I’m growing as a man. I’m attempting to expand my horizons. I’m putting myself aside and focusing on someone else “Pandya had previously stated to Cricbuzz.

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Soon after the couple announced their engagement, photos of Hardik Pandya and Natasa’s intimate close-knit wedding surfaced. They even revealed that they are expecting a child.

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